Reading Daniel Bell.

Those who do not choose their own plans of life, says John Stuart Mill are no better than apes..
” The human facilities of perception, judgement, discriminative feeling, mental activity, and even moral preference, are only exercised only in making a choice..He who lets the world, or his own portion of it, choose his plan of life for him, has no need of any other faculty than the ape-like one of imitation…”
—On Liberty (Three Essays)

How much time do we spend upgrading ourselves? Or do I spend most of the time wondering what life has in store for my otherwise mundane existence?

Here’s another inspiration from Michael Walzer’s book Thick and Thin.

“Jean- Paul Sartre’s account of the self-creation of the intellectual. The intellectual achieves his guardianship by constantly critisizing and radicalizing (himself) ”




Education Education Education.

What more could I say?

30 thoughts on “我走我的路。你呢?

  1. thank you sharon..

    i felt motivated everytime i read ur blog.
    hoping to see the ‘intelligent-hardworking-nv give up’ you again on tv to host 红星大奖 =)

  2. As a pro-democracy campaigner and leader of the opposition National League for Democracy party ( NLD), she has spent more than 11 of the past 18 years in some form of detention under Burma’s military regime.
    Like the South African leader Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi has become an international symbol of heroic and peaceful resistance in the face of oppression.
    (BBC Sept 22nd 2007)

  3. SINGAPORE (Reuters) – A small group of international students at Singapore universities sought to defy a ban on protest in the city-state on Monday, calling for democracy in Myanmar at a summit of Southeast Asian nations.

    Singapore has banned all outdoor protest at the ASEAN summit and rejected an opposition party’s request to stage a Myanmar protest. It has also designated the summit venue as a “protected areas,” giving police the authority to search or detain anyone in the area or ask them to leave.

    “I am calling on the military regime to ease its repression and to release Aung San Suu Kyi,” said Pia Muzaffar, a British student at the National University of Singapore.

    Muzaffar and two fellow students walked hand-in-hand down Singapore’s main shopping street Orchard Road, wearing red T-shirts saying “We pursue peace, justice and democracy for Burma,” in red T-shirt.
    Another band of three students was making its way to the summit venue via another road, outnumbered by surrounding media and videotaped by Singapore plainclothes police.

    “We want to say that the world is still watching and has not forgotten about Burma,” Muzaffar said.

  4. where are the Singaporean students? Are they not concerned about the abuse of human rights? Or are they too afraid to march on?

  5. to indignant, excuse me, but i think you are being completely unfair to us. we are in the midst of our exams right now so quit accusing us of being apathetic.

    the international students are here on hol..no sorry, exchange. as if we don’t know it’s all an excuse to weasel out of taking exams.

  6. to the guy above: give me extra credit for protesting and i will walk down orchard road au naturel with a huge board screaming “FREE AUNG SAN”.

  7. Since we are on the issue of human rights here, singaporeans have the rights to take a passive stand with regards to another country’s war. Even if it is perceived to be cowardly or simply a lack of awareness.

  8. To answer your questions, please do read EAST MEETS WEST–HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY IN EAST ASIA by Daniel A Bell.


    I strongly believe that there is progress as long as one rediscovers his/her morality experience.

    It is wise to provoke one’s thoughts consistently, no?

    Or what would you rather discuss about over coffee? Bags? Shoes?

    Would we wanna chat about that for the rest of our lives?

    Wouldn’t that be a “false consciousness” ?

    Questions undoubtedly lead us towards the joy of searching for answers. The thirst for understanding, to me, is one of the most enlightening journey we could ever partake.

    I thank enhui, my hegemon, and Waseda library,
    for stimulating so much interest and debate in this past 8 months.
    My life is changing.

  9. hi sharon…i have been a great fan of you since your days in city beat…

    your not only pretty but smart. what are you degree are you pursuing right now? will you be returning to mediacorp or do you have other plans?

  10. gonbawa~

    it has been ages since i last seen you in town. it must have been hard for you studying in Japan ne~ nevertheless, here’s all the best for you, and I do hope to catch you back in town hosting SA 07 very soon! dont let your good hosting skills go to waste, okie? 😉

    ganbatte ne, shiarun-chan!~ ^o^

  11. juz wan2 ask those study japanese language…which is d better sch for japanese study in singapore? i think i m gg to take level 2 again so i m looking for a sch to study:)

  12. I only know 2places but i think they’re quite good. You might want to check out Bunka Language sch (in delfi orchard) or Japanese Cultural Society (JCS @ Middle Road, near Bugis Junction).

  13. thks WanTing for your info:) i think my level 2 got no hope to pass.. need2 join d class again. previous sch didnt provide test for us to practice, i think for my type as a lazy person is better to hv a test (“,)

  14. Lui, sorry i don’t know anything about Japanese schools in Singapore..i used to take it as part of my 3rd language in school that’s why. Anyway GOODLUCK! BUy the assessment books and practise. 文法だけじゃなくて、 読解と聴解もたくさん練習すれば、きっと合格と信じている。頑張らなきゃ!

    Enhui, 残念ながら、ほとんどの人が政治に関して、全く関心がなさそうだと思う。
    Buena suerte a nosotras!

  15. negi, is ok..thks. jlpt2 shiken wa hontoni muzukahsii..ano jikan ga arimasen :(. really cant finished, i think i lack of practice tats y.

  16. ありえないよ。そんなに刺激的なものを書いたのに。今日は本当に有難うね。バイトがあってちょっと短かったなあ。今度またショッピングしよう。

    今日二人なんか大喜びとはいえないけど、第二希望もまんざら悪くないね :)でも、SNOWDENに文句を言いなきゃ

  17. “Those who do not choose their own plans of life, says John Stuart Mill are no better than apes..”

    that is so true!!!

    take the risk, and take the unknown path – create your own world.

    too many ppl float with the crowd in life.

  18. Sharon,I’m very confused now,I don’t know that what should I do know?I’ve finished my study now so I suppose to further my studies but my ambitious is to be a air stewardess,so….. You have been an air stewardess,isn’t ,can u tell me about the feeling of being a flight attendent? Thank you very much for reading my message!

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