My favourite season.
Autumn leaves.

Its subtle beauty.

The meloncholia of autumn drifts in the air that i breathe.

As i walk the walk, with a silly grin on my face, i greet the red and gold leaves with an enthusiam long forgotten.

After the midterm exams, I am so looking forward to a walk down 明治神宮外苑。With my hegemon and our books. Cos nothing, absolutely nothing, beats reading a good book together with someone you connect with.

Merci, mon Dieu.

Il est gentil, non?



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31 responses to “読書の秋.

  1. jessica lee

    Wow..what a book! hang in there! it will all be over soon ;p m mugging hard for my exams too… gambatte!!

  2. Autumn is the best season for everything. Great to see that you are enjoying yourself this season and not feeling down anymore. 🙂

  3. yenji

    Hmm.. Daniel Bell.. Doesn’t seems that boring already isn’t him?! Most of my essays, i had gotten quotes from his book.. Heh.. Good read~! Nwayz, Take Care!

  4. 秋天,给我一种惆怅的感觉。可能是因为秋叶的凋零。

  5. Mui

    Ogeikideska. All the Best to your studies. I was in Australia 2006 study fine art painting. Love the autumn season too. Love to see the falling maple leaves. Enjoy every moment:) Thank you for sharing your precious moment with us. Cheeers

  6. HAPPY THANKSGIVING my dearest friends!!!
    let`s all count our blessings instead of sheeps before we sleep!!

    I`m gonna have turkey, eggnog, pumpkin pie and california red hopefully.. tonight for Thanksgiving dinner.
    But most importantly, i wanna remind ourselves to be grateful for
    the privilege of being alive.


    Friendship, knowledge and hope.

    And to the love of my life–I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!!
    Thank you for being you.

  7. kc

    hey…heard you’ll be back to host star awards 2007! looking forward to it! =)

  8. eileen

    wow delicious thanksgiving dinner! makes me hungry too! hehe…anyway i’m looking forward to seeing you host star awards next month! =D

  9. jessica lee

    yummylious..enjoy your dinner with your pals! ;p

  10. edmond

    for sharon

    last morning
    i felt my hopes
    like a feather falling

    a single teardrop fell
    tearing from the corner of my eye
    the corner of my soul

    i looked ceaselessly
    for remnants hopelessly
    only ruthless disappointment stared back at me

    i hovered an instance
    yearning for rain
    yet only pain poured and reigned

    i felt forsakened
    me heart bursted open
    welling inside where pain resides broken

    it seemed eternal
    ceaseless flames burnt on
    all manner of hope gone



    one day

    i looked up to see
    glorious sunlight beaming right at me
    greeting my heart with warmth and cheer


    very slowly

    i embraced the morrow
    gave up my sorrow
    and smiled once again inside

    have a warm & wonderful christmas and a happy hew year 😉


  11. This is so sweet edmond. Thank you..
    J’adore poetry!!

    Hopelessly ploughing thru my transnational business textbook now. Exam on tue. HELP.

  12. eileen

    lol i’m also having a chemistry exam on tue. jia you sharon! =D

  13. doris

    hi sharon
    will i be able to see the autumn leaves on the 2nd week of dec..
    i will be in tokyo and osaka for 2 weeks holiday..i really hope to be able to enjoy the autumn season..
    its a pity that i wont able to see u host the star awards live,
    i will be getting my sis to tape for me..i don want to miss seeing u on tv..

  14. courageousheart

    good luck for your exams!!
    gambatte!! 🙂

  15. edmond

    hey sharon

    glad u liked the poem. thot u deserved some cheering up 🙂

    btw, what type of biz studies r u takin? international cross border trade or multinational enterprise strategy?

  16. Yi Chao

    continue to jiayou for exams bah!

    as usual…u always bring n read a book where ever u go…
    so guai…=D

  17. ” 再給我兩分鐘 讓我把記憶結成冰 別溶化了眼淚 你妝都花了 要我怎麼記得
    記得你要我忘了吧 記得你叫我忘了吧


  18. 那是周杰伦的“最长的电影”歌词对吗?

  19. jessica lee

    Brave the storm on tuesday and see the rainbow at the end of your paper! you can do it!! go go go!!

  20. jessica lee

    brave the storm on see the rainbow at then end of the paper! good luck for the paper on tues! you can do it! go go go!

  21. jessica lee

    ops..i dont know y my previous post appear so many times when i m sure i only click once..sorry!!!

  22. panic attack.

    thank you all for yr encouragement..thank you.

  23. SK

    go go! u sure can do it. all the Best! =)

  24. lui

    good lucky for your exam. ganbate! my JLPT2 coming soon..tis sunday afternoon. i m not well prepare, but no choice as i already registered for d exam. y’day got 2 friend told me abt their experience..one of them take 3 times then pass, d other one tis yr take 2nd time…tis is my 1st time for level 2… i think 1 time also not enought 😛

  25. kit


  26. yuting

    Good luck for everyone taking exams!! I’m also taking JLPT3 this sun and I’m not prepared for it. How am i going to go to Japan to study like this…

  27. Linda (美娥)


  28. Later that day I got to thinking about relationships.
    There are those that open you up to something new and exotic,
    those that are old and familiar,
    those that bring up lots of questions,
    those that bring you somewhere unexpected,
    those that bring you far from where you started,
    and those that bring you back.

    But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all…
    is the one you have with yourself.
    And if you find someone to love the you you love…
    that’s just fabulous.
    —–Carrie (Sex and the City)

  29. hate from kym ng u topped the cohort in jap eh. not bad sia…………… hosting for the hong xing da jiang right? great! hope to see you soon on tv! =)

  30. Gavin Ong

    Ohhh that finale quote from Carrie Bradshaw!

    Inspiring. So often, we forget that we must live for ourselves.

    Are you a fan of Sex and the City Sharon? The movie’s coming out in Summer this year. 😉

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