Christmas 2006. With my Japanese family and pals in Bangkok, Land of a Thousand Smiles.
This year Dan and Kenji flying to Tokyo to spend Xmas with me YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!

Merci beaucoup Santa Clause!!!!


That was a very beautiful evening.

After x’mas dinner. Dan sobbed like a cow.

What shall we do this year? Walk down Omotesando…Roppongi…

Can’t wait for you guys to meet U-KNOW-WHO..


Kenji, no more caps this X’mas….BEANIE PLEASE!!!!


Dan and I

17 years of friendship.

What more can I say?




47 thoughts on “Christmas.

  1. WAH!! Kenji is officially a netebrity now! and i was so skinny then! i wonder was diet i was on. i swear i could pass off as a butch in at least 2 of the photos above. my self-deprecating humour astonishes myself at times. hahaha.

    17 years, and we still look as fresh! *LOL* thank you Beauty Arsenal!

    looking forward to Tokyo, Akina, X’mas, Isetan Men’s, Saryo, Omotesando Hills, shoes mecca and meeting the confectioner. and oh Kubo and Kei too! i must do my rumba dance moves when i see Kubo!

    Korekara Naturally.

  2. you made me look forward to x’mas too:) It’s not the presents, but the ppl who will be giving it, who I will be meeting again.

  3. ahora estoy enferma..tengo gripe.
    !!que suerte mala tengo!!

    Am down with flu.
    I need mum’s soup and porridge. But chocolates are all i have in my apartment.

    Can’t even go for 早稲田祭 these two days.

    Ok i got to go lie down.

    Buenas noches mis amigos.

  4. I’ve heard chocolates are good for the heart but never do i know they are good for flu too. How abt buying porridge? take care:)

  5. hi jing xian! how are you doing? i got ur blog addy from my friend. long time since saw ur pictures, u’ve grown prettier! must be the japan air there… hee…

    hope u still remember me, the AP from mcs ( did the show CHUN DAO REN JIAN with u) and AP with G & J (OU XIANG BA BA).

    actually want to ask u something regarding teaching jobs in japan. left my email for u. hope can hear from you soon… 🙂

    take care and have a great time there….

  6. heard that you coming back to Spore to host the Star Awards 2007, can’t wait for that day to come. And all the best for your coming “DA KAO”!!! Stay happy always!!! Smile … (:

  7. Seeing the pictures remins me that the season of joy sharing is back again! As usual, I’ll be celebrating with my friends. The X’mas season has always been great even though I’m not a Christian.

    Anyways, I saw on the newspapers today that you’re going to host the STAR AWARDS. Ohhh…so happy to see you back hosting. According to the papers, the station will be letting the audience to see whether your 主持功力生锈了没有. I think that your standard will still be there.

    So are you going to be spending a HOT X’mas here or a COLD one in Japan? Good luck!

  8. Hi sharon…
    this is Jeff..knowing from that u are coming back to host Star awards…! that’s great!
    can’t wait to see u on tv, miss your hosting!

  9. Hi.
    you inspire me so much. to live my own dream. dad wants to send me overseas to study. was frightened at first but everytime i read ur blog, i could feel that gush of courage hitting me. think i am ready to go over now even though i still have yet told any of my friends(: anyway, thanks so much and continue to do what you love!


  10. hey!!! i love CHRISTMAS the MOST!!!!!
    haha…duno y, but i juz like it…the songs ar, the winter wind smell…the christmas cartoons…lol! it’s so relaxing! woot!
    so great tt u hav tt 2 great frens with u all the way! hehex!
    have a nice n white christmas! =D

  11. hey! know tt u coming back for SA. may i know the flight number n the date n time? haha…wana go n fetch u! =D
    so glad tt u appearing on-screen!

  12. Hi Sharon,

    Glad That You Would be Coming Back To Singaopore To Host Star Awards. Looking Forward For Your Appearance On TV. We Shall See A New and Fresh Sharon Aw. ^_^

  13. Bonjour mes amis!! Comment ca va??

    Tokyo has been raining past few days and getting chilly..I have just barely recovered from my flu..but I guess here we go again– the long battle with winter is at hand.

    ええと、See you guys at the awards. Or at the airport. Haha.
    I will be flying back just for the weekends, right after my friday classes and rushing back to attend school monday morning.

    Do you think i have time for bak kut teh??

  14. =] =] Bonjour Sharon, cava! ^^

    take good care of yourself! hope to see you real soon. my friend left to study in UK too. haha its similar to you studying over there. stay strong! live for your dreams!!!

    See you soon!!!

  15. Hey Sharon!
    Saw on Today! that you’ll be comin back to host the Star Awards 2007!
    Really glad you could make it back for the show.
    Miss your shows, especially the character ” Ah Hao”
    Looking forward to the show!


  16. Hi there!
    Have been in Tokyo for more than a year, didnt know you are here too :p If I’m not wrong, I should be your senior in jc, and there are 3 of us in the same batch here 🙂

  17. Hi Sharon

    Definitely you will have time for Bak Kut Teh…(Get someone to da pow for you and drink it during the commerical break time…
    You think you will miss alot is spending time with your mum.
    As i think you will rush to mediacorp for the rehearsal once you touched down from airport.

    JIa Jia

  18. sharon au!!!

    finally found ur blog..hope u come back to SG soon!!!! keep us updated! TODAY papers had an interview page on happy to read it! hope i can ever get to see u in person 1 day.. gambatte!!

  19. wahaha…airport so big, duno what time n flight number wor…haha…izzit sg airline? dun tell me the arrival time is at mid-night…lol!

    saw on iweekly ur interview too! jiayou on exams!
    hope u dun experience much time-lag while travelling back….lol!
    the bak kut teh mah…hm…but those already in packets n bring to jap to cook lo…wahaha…sure can hav chance to eat de la

  20. take good care and don’t let the flu bug invade especially with the change in temperature. take vitamin C! it’s a good friend!have lots of bak kut teh, konnyaku (ok japan should also have) and other local delights!

  21. Thank you for your well wishes and kind thoughts, I am deeply committed and very in-love with my boyfriend, who is no one you know of course, thank you. I have never loved anyone else.
    All the best to you too, Truly.

    Guys and gals! I am preparing for my midterm exams now. ARGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
    Hang in there folks…looking out my balcony, it is a beautiful autumn’s day.

    Es un dia bonito. C’est tres bien.

  22. The true genius shudders at incompleteness – and usually prefers silence to saying something which is not everything it should be.

    – Edgar Allen Poe

  23. hey! was watching a variety show about Star awards past 25 years…
    then there is qn n answer section…
    then got 1 qn ask: in SA, which host got the most number of best host award?
    then they answered: sharon au!
    weee~ city beat rox! 2000-2003! ^^ 4 times!
    then thet show scenes of u getting award…hehex

  24. Sharon!i heard u’ll be back to host star awards!really excited to see u on tv again.miss ur shows.yes.citybeat.those good old memories.looking fwd to star awards this yr bcos of u.jiayou!

  25. Maintaining a distance relationship is a challenge. but i believe if Mr. Right is yours, will be yours no matter what happens ;p …. do u believe in fate? anyway, mug hard for midterms! take care!

  26. Wow I hear one good news that you are coming back to Singapore to host the Star awards 2007…Really want to see u in front of the TV…too bad that patsy hou is not able to host this year star awards as she is very pretty and gorgeous…
    But you need to rush back to the airport in 20mins that is very rush leh…
    Take care and c ya on TV soon…

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