Hymne a L’ amour —Edith Piaf.

Edith Piaf – Hymne à L’Amour

Le ciel bleu sur nous peut s'effondrer,

Et la terre peut bien s'écrouler,

Peu m'importe si tu m'aimes,

Je me fous du monde entier.

Tant qu' l'amour innondera mes matins,

Tant qu'mon corps frémira sous tes mains,

Peu m'importent les problèmes,

Mon amour, puisque tu m'aimes.

J'irais jusqu'au bout du monde,

Je me ferais teindre en blonde,

Si tu me le demandais.

J'irais décrocher la lune,

J'irais voler la fortune,

Si tu me le demandais.

Je renierais ma patrie,

Je renierais mes amis,

Si tu me le demandais.

On peut bien rire de moi,

Je ferais n'importe quoi,

Si tu me le demandais.

Si un jour, la vie t'arrache à moi,

Si tu meurs, que tu sois loin de moi,

Peu m'importe si tu m'aimes,

Car moi je mourrais aussi.

Nous aurons pour nous l'éternité,

Dans le bleu de toute l'immensité,

Dans le ciel, plus de problème,

Mon amour, crois-tu qu'on s'aime?

Dieu réunit ceux qui s'aiment.


13 thoughts on “Hymne a L’ amour —Edith Piaf.

  1. Bonjour Sharon. Im really impressed by your linguistic talents.
    Been reading your blog all these while and always find comfort and soul enriching. Take good care and guardian angel is there for you.

  2. Suzy you are so right..this is indeed the best movie of the year.
    La Vie en Rose.
    Marion Cotillard is superb.

    Edith Piaf, non regrette..non regrette rien!!!

  3. she wrote this song after the love of her life died in a plane crash..

    The blue sky can tumble down upon us
    And the earth can also collapse
    It doesn’t matter, if you love me
    I don’t care about the entire world
    As long as love floods my mornings
    As long as my body trembles beneath your hand
    These problems don’t matter
    My love, since you love me

    I would go to the end of the earth
    I would dye my hair blonde
    I would go take down the moon
    I would go steal a fortune
    If you asked it of me
    I would disown my country
    I would disown my friends
    If you asked it of me
    People can have a good laugh at me
    I would do anything
    If you asked it of me

    If one day life tears you from me
    If you die that you be far from me
    It doesn’t matter, if you love me
    Because, me, I will die also
    We will have eternity for ourselves
    In the great blue immensity
    In the sky, no more problems
    My love, do you believe we love each other
    God reunites those who love each other

  4. sometimes when all one wants is peace and happiness
    one stumbles across monsters, real or imagined.
    some of the bad stuff just happens, some can be avoided..
    that’s life, isn’t it. The trick is skilful navigation..

  5. hi sharon!
    i miss all your shows man!
    阿好,好介绍? and city beat and so on!
    lol when are you coming back and stay in sg permenantly?

  6. a glimpse of pain
    so private and yet so public
    so intense no one can really understand
    and a glimpse of courage, endurance, and love

  7. I’m amazed! I watched her movie in Singapore, on my birthday, 20/07/2007. Not many appreciated the movie. Loads were snoring away in the cinema. =) Lovely woman, lovely show.

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