coffee break.

A combination to die for.


es un sabor muy delicioso!!!Teneis que probar amigos!!


When all else fails…



…. there is always キムタク!!!



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19 responses to “肚子餓的時候。

  1. jen

    Hi Sharon,

    I wondered how many languages do you know?

    any difficulties while trying to learn them (except eng & chi)?

    take care.

  2. Fiona

    Miss ya Sharon..
    can see that u r taking good care of urself overseas^^
    Whn r u cming back??
    Hope to see you on tv soon!!

  3. kaimono888

    Howdy! The ice cream oishii desu ne 🙂 SLURP
    Oh you also like Kimura-san *v* Have you watched him acting in 華麗なる一族?

  4. passerby

    trails of happiness
    laughter and sadness
    though it all
    the one thing that stands fast
    is friendship
    and understanding
    and love

  5. jade

    trails of life….
    friendship, happiness, sadness, pain
    to have travelled it all
    one finds the only true thing that remains
    is love and loyalty

  6. 还是喜欢来你的blog,但是有时候没办法完全了解你想说些什么,也是有那么点遗憾。

  7. u inspire me (: Thanks.

  8. rei







    “碰面的时候,该说华语还是日语?? 可是..我的日语…chotto…”



    虽然不算认识你(朋友般的认识), 但是,每当想起有”认识”(电视上)的”同类”(新加坡人)也和我一样,在日本读书,就有一股莫名的温心感..




  9. Prefab Sprouts

    Hey Kid,

    Was never a fan of yours but came across your blog by chance

    Its always comforting to meet someone finding themself and it is obvious that you’d achieved that

    Seems like you’ve learnt to appreciate again

    Congratulations and enjoy the remaining journey…

  10. me gusta mucho cuando se encuentro una gente de singapur que habla espanol! 🙂

  11. kiokO

    that choco pie i ate b4!! haha..*wink*
    haagen daz ice-cream…*meltzz*

  12. Yi Chao

    wah…this blog is so multi-language…not only the blogger, the ones who comment are too! though i only understand 2 languages…haha!

  13. Hi Sharon,
    Hmmm.. been reading your blog for only a short while but I found it really inspirational. You have the guts to just leave everything behind and follow your dreams. I wish I could go to Japan for immersion too. *envy envy* Maybe one day, I will. =)
    Am currently living and working in Paris. If you come back one day, perhaps we will bump into each other along Les Champs Elysées. Way to go courageous girl!=)

    Your xue mei

  14. Cam

    キャア!!! キムタクかっこいい~

  15. Rei,有緣一定能碰面的。

    Miao-學妹,Paris is great, no?
    J’aime le musee de Rodin..et Paris est si romantique.Je serai de retour,naturellement!!

  16. Miao

    Paris is indeed romantic mais il y a une grève aujourd’hui et j’ai du marcher au boulot. J’ai mis 1h15. But walking along the Seine River is still très agréable. =)
    I like the fact that people picnic, drink wine and relax under the Eiffel Tower. The french really take time out to smell the roses.

  17. Kimutaku still looks so cool! Doesn’t look like he has aged much the last time I saw him! (on tv that is!)

  18. pei hong

    i look takuya too! anw he doesnt like ppl to call him kimutaku. coz he feels its incomplete and tats not the name that his parents gave him.. 🙂

  19. yanchi quek

    hello sharon au. you are very pretty just like kar yan. do you remember citybeat? kar yan look a bit like you and kar chi(my sister) look a bit like fiona xie (your sister).
    i hope you will come back to singapore tomorrow.

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