Os echo muchisimo de menos!!

Mi amigos de la clase de espanol en Salamanca.


24 thoughts on “同学

  1. hey , sharon. misses u alot, ur buddy “Bryan Wong” here.
    U at there so sing lang right ? No variety shows to host , and i am so super busy with my work now, photo-shooting and hosting everywhere. U lucky u went off. Ciaos

  2. Hey Sharon! Looking at your pics, I regretted not capturing the memories of those classroom scenes on photos. Probably, because I’ll be leaving Tokyo soon, somehow feel a bit nostalgic these days. Honestly, I don’t like living in Tokyo. A very convenient, efficient, safe city indeed. A place which is definitely interesting to visit as a tourist. But living in it is another story, what’s more for more than 6 years now. To each his own. For me, it is very stifling,..the people or should I say the culture.. it is very closed, hierachical, conformed… so much so that oftentimes, i feel that they are actors, even among friends. You can easily discern the urge for the younger japs to defy the norms and try to be different…ironically, indistinguishable diversities. having said that, many of my friends love this place, which I can easily understand if you can stomach the “pretense” which unfortunately is not built in my dna. to be fair , i have learnt and grown alot from my experiences here. hopefully, my next destination, Barcelona, will be better …(well, in terms of what? the better place is where your heart belongs, i guess) btw, Sharon, did you pick up Spanish in Singapore (if so, which school did u attend?)or did u start from scratch in Waseda? Any tips? Spain is yet another monolingual country.. a bit apprehensive but anyways, a good challenge.. On another note, do you feel ‘yourself’ mingling with your uni mates who I suppose are younger than you are. I am your age.. apparently was quite a bit of adapting for me .. sad to say I gave up in the end. can’t force it… maybe i took the easy way out… Enjoy your stint in Japan! some occasional breather out of the country may be necessary to keep the energy up in Tokyo. Whatever experiences we encounter, we know it is to prepare us for the future. Like you, I want to live my life, the one and only. Gambarimasho!

  3. シャロン さん,

    始めまして! 私はシンガポオールのファンです。今、私も日本語を勉強しますね。I heard you were back for a while, but judging from the pictures you’re in Spain?! 頭がいいですね、learning different languages.

    I would love to have the opportunity like you to study in Japan, they have some exchange programme available at the Embassy, but it seems that everything needs a degree nowadays. 残念です。T_T

    えと。。。just dropping a note to say “Hi!”, and that you’re missed here! ^_^ がんばれ!

    – ジャスミン

  4. hehe…im ur fans!!hw r u there?miss u a lot…多么羡慕你可以去日本留学。。。我也好想去哦。但是现在在马来西亚读着大学,我是经济系二年级学生。希望可以跟你保持联咯。加油哦!!!gambadei kudasai ne~~~

  5. 能够有那么多不同国籍的朋友是值得高兴的。
    毕竟大家的来历与环境都不同,一定能开拓你的视野了咯 🙂


  6. Hey Sharon,came across ur blog from david gan’s blog link..Really miss your presence on tv! U still look as gorgeous as ever. Really wish to see u soon on tv again..its been a long while.. 🙂

  7. hi, sharon, konichiwa, i’m one of your fan’s here, irene, how r you? When r you coming back to singapore? can you keep me in touch?

  8. wahaha! ur class got so many diff countries pple ar?
    n are they all students? i thot i saw teachers…=P
    n tt tall guy in 1st pic is sooo tallll

  9. Hi Sharon, ah ma here again.. knew from Desmond’s Blog tat you’re back in sg.. but wonder now u r back to Japan or still in sg.. Guess you sure wan private time with your loves ones..
    hope u do enjoy the precious time you had with ur loves one.. Treasure n missed right?

  10. A multi-lingual person wld never blog in all the different languages they know, at least not in the same paragraph. What are you trying to prove?

  11. ねぎさん、こんにちは!


  12. Hi Sharon,
    好久没有看到你在电视上了,非常想念你。 你还会回到电视台工作吗?

  13. Hi sharon, been watching your numerous variety shows, I think you’re pretty talented and have definetely made a right choice to pursue your studies while you can with all the opportunities given to you. You are a lucky girl and yet smart to grasp what’s best for you. You are definitely not a typical artist from the mediacorp. Bryan is another brainy Channel 8 artist I’m proud of for Spore. I believe you’ll be even more successful in the future armed with all your paper qualifications and exposure from abroad.

    Take care.

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