Dry your tears. Crybaby.


ellos van a esperar a tu volver.


Don’t look back. Just go.

裝瀟洒 也好。

Tengo que ser fuerte , chica.

じゃね, いってきます!


Goodbye Singapore…see you in Spring.

40 thoughts on “TIME OF MY LIFE.

  1. All the best to you!!! 天下無不散之宴席嘛,最重要的是你所珍愛的人,還把你擺在心中,無論你身在何處,只要想到他們,你的心還是甜蜜暖呼的!!

  2. Live for your life…because this is your own and only life…
    Don’t look go…just go…

    Bcoz sometimes you will regret when you look back…

    Take care..and do whatever you think is worth and right!

  3. chanced upon your blog and i’m so hooked. your words and quotes really inspires me. make me realize that all along i have a dream buried deep in my heart which is to go overseas to study, gain new experiences. i will work hard and save enough to realize it. thanks~~ all the best to you. hope to see ya soon on tv. 😉 take care sweetie~~

  4. Hey Sharon Au YOu r so pretty Have been seeing your programmes since I was young =D You r so lucky to have yr studies furthered.. enjoy and all the best to yr studies

  5. hihi! like you, just returned to Tokyo from 1-week visit in Singapore yesterday. have been doing this for the past 6 years but it is still difficult to say goodbye every single time. so now I always take the 6am flight so that no one will see me off at the airport! guess it’s all part and parcel of life adventure. おやすみ。

  6. 走过哪一短路必留痕。虽然要离去,但毕竟那一段记忆已经刻划在心里了。


  7. Hi there!
    i wonder why, but it feels good reading your post and knowing you are well
    whereever you are, and doing now, all the best
    and be back soon, and on screen hopefully =p

  8. hiyee sharon! so nice 2 see ur blog. u look so radiant now!!! really missed seeing u on tv.. take care and all the best wherever u go!

  9. ここでコメントしたら読んでくれるかな?せっかくだから、日本語で書きましょうか!初めまして!シンガポールのシェリルです。2時間前このブログを発見して、そして一気に全部読んでました!!もう日本に帰ってきましたよね。私は中学校から高校まで日本語を勉強しました。そして、2年前に10ヶ月ぐらい京都大学に留学しました。本当にいい経験でした!ねぎちゃんが前書き込んだ記事を読んだ時、懐かしいなあと思ってました!留学って楽しいですね。私も留学期間中にいろんな友達ができて、今年大学から卒業して、2ヶ月ぐらいヨーロッパの友達を会に行きました!ねぎちゃんはシンガポールにいる時、高校まで日本語を勉強したらしいね。まあ。。日本語以外私たちはほかの共通点もあると思います。恋愛についての記事を読んだ時、すごく感動しました。ねぎちゃんはあれを書いた時の気持ちがなんとなく分かると思います。私も今まで忘れられない人がいて、最近また再会したので、色々悩んでいます。もう6年前のことだけど、あれから全然進んでません。まだあの人のことを愛してます。ねぎちゃんのブログを読んだ時、「ああ。。私はこのひとと似てるのところは結構あるんだ」と。。機会があればきっといい友達になれる!」と思いながら、つい書き込みました!ちょっと長くなったけど、返事を待ってます!*ねぎちゃんで呼んだけど。。嫌ですか?かわいくて、もっと親しい感じと思ったから。もし嫌なら言ってくださいね!(*v*)/

  10. This is the first time I’m reading your blog! I just happened to chance upon this place and I simply can’t stop reading! Love your posts and your takes on life. Really very refreshing and keeps me deep in thought. Except for the parts in foreign language. I can’t even tell what language it’s in! Hehehe. The pictures you took are really beautiful too. Really, when are you coming back? Like many others, I really miss you on TV! Although I don’t really watch much of local channels nowadays actually…. Hehehe. Well anyhow, all the best, wherever you are! You seem really happy and free. AND really pretty too. 😀

  11. Hi sharon! how have u been!? i rem serving u tea when i was working at ichiban-boshi restaurant at great world city! it’s a wonderful experience! as that was my maiden day at work! and see u in person makes my day a brighter! Hee… u’re a kind lady with great manners! love ur shows and miss u too! hope u’re doing extremely well there!!!

  12. hey guys..it has been a source of comfort reading all the comments above. Back in cold and rainy Tokyo and missing HOME terribly hahahahah how useless can I get?? But words soothe and calm me down a great deal..which is why i read alot…nothing beats the power of the written word, no?

    “Grass and silence…a field of stars..” wrote Walt Whitman.

    This life—Enticing and alluring, no?


  13. あっ!!ねぎちゃん、コメントを読んでくれたね!返事ありがとう!そしてねぎちゃんの日本語が完璧だったね!そうそう。。卒業したけど、5月からずっと旅をしてる。ヨーロッパ6ヶ国、そして台湾、タイ。。ところで、私はハーブだよ。母が台湾人で、父がシンガポール人だ。来週から香港に行く。まあ、最初はすごく楽しかったけど、もうそろそろ仕事を探そうかなと思って。だって十分お金を使ってしまったし、十分休んだ!でも、シンガポール人だからこそ、こんな経験ができるよね。だって日本人なら3回生から就職活動をするね。友達に色々言われたけど、やっぱり自分のペースで生きて行こうと思う。これからやりたいことをちゃんと考えて、焦らずに仕事を探そうと思う。日本企業とか、銀行系がいいかな。正直やりたいこといっぱいあるよ。ていうか、あり過ぎ!ははは。取り敢えず頑張って面接を受ける!実は自分の本を書こうと思ってる!!どう思う??書名まで考えたよ!ねぎちゃんは?これから10年さきのことを考えた?うん。。留学生活って大変だよね。私も京都にいた時いろいろあったよ!交通事故2回も遭ったよ!:( ねぎちゃんはカフエで時間を過ごすのが好き?いいカフエを紹介しようか!;)まだいろいろ日本語で交流したいけど、また長くなるね。もし良かったらメールしてください。それかここで返事してもいいかな:)じゃあ、気長くねぎちゃんの返事を待ってまーす!勉強頑張ってね!これからとてもいい季節が来るね!楽しみにしてね!!

  14. Hey Sharon! I do not know u are back in Singapore until I saw Zhen Rong mesg saying u are back in his blog. So mind sharing what have u done in SG? And express the feeling to be back in SG too, can? Asking two questions to u may find it irritating but honestly saying, I really wanna to know and also really wan to felt it that way. Why? Because I came from a poor family. Coming from a poor family like me will not have the chance to go oversea to studies. Even I am struggling with work n studies together right now, there’s surely none of the chance for letting me to go oversea to studies. It is because the expenses in Oversea are quite high. And my parents will definetly crack their head wanna.

  15. Hi, Sharon
    is the weather in Japan that make your complexion look good or is your skin care ne? can share with me what’s the breand you currently using? Domo arigato~

  16. sharon life goes on … … and move on anyway just ask yrself when u old and look back …would u regret of the path u choose ?


  17. AWww~ so Nice to spend life in such a waY.
    haiz.. i’m here mugging for my exam. HOPEFULLY one day i can experience the beauty of life Like U dO~ ^.*

  18. its time to get back to ur carefree life in japan though its raining and cold there now.
    but SPRING will be here in no time.

  19. Fankyeow! Hey Sharon it was wonderful to see you again, especially knowing that you enjoyed your stay in Singapore. I know that you’re studying very hard, and doing well too – thats fantastic! Take care and see you next time around 🙂

  20. Hi
    It is my first time I am writing a comment in your blog and I hope you don’t mind… I found your blog by accident..and when I read it I could share so much I am acutally Japanese living in Tokyo. It has been few years since I came back from Singapore. I was there for more than 4 years for my work and leaving home was kind of though for me even though I have been in and out of country. It must be tough living in Tokyo alone since Japanese is not so friendly to Foreigners compare to Singapore. ( though I feel situation is getting better than before) I hope you are now enjoying your stay here..

  21. u hv inspired many by your decision to live ur life the way u want. not many people are as fortunate. from the bottom of my heart, best wishes for u, sharon, to live the dreams for some of us who could not.

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