More photos of my days in Spain.

Me encantar espanol!! Voy a ir Salamanca otra vez proximo verano!!!

My birthday sweet.


Cafe Valor. Fondue de chocolate.


my breakfast every morning. Raqueta y cafe solo. At Don Quijote.

Isabel. We met at Rua Toro.


Music of Spain. But he was playing french numbers hahahhaa….


Farewell lunch at Rua Antigua.



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38 responses to “甜蜜蜜。

  1. realidunno

    Really curious hw many foreign languages can u actually speak? To me, u r really talented 🙂

  2. pingping

    Hey Sharon, understand u r back in Spore for a holiday? Hv fun and do take care.

  3. fankeow

    Isabel is sooooo lindo!

  4. Just came back from Hokkaido. Beautiful people, in a beautiful city. I want to stay there!


  5. Enjoy ur holiday in Spore!

  6. “Birthday Sweet”? 虽然不知道你的生日是几时,但认为今年的大多数是已经过了。还是保守点预祝你明年生日快乐,哈哈。。。

  7. Hi Sharon…. you have a good break ok? Miss us? or do you miss Singapore more? 😀 take care

  8. you have that as your breakfast everyday!! >_< and choco fondue~ much better thansingapore ba.. 🙂

  9. 欧支持者

    回来解乡愁啊???? 还是回来跟妈妈撒娇呢??

  10. si si..creo que isabel esta muy linda tambien!

    Ahora estoy disfrutando al tiempo en Singapur. Estoy muy agradecida.=)

    Muy contenta porque saque buenas notas.

    Felicitacion signorita sharon!

  11. isabel so cute, u too!

  12. Olive

    ha… LIVE TO THE FULLEST … U MAKE IT 心灵的富裕。。。 。。。 你做到了:)

  13. Doreamon

    what does not mean on ur message leh sharon.. I read dasmond blog that he saw you in scott road in SINGAPORE!!!… How I hope got the fate to meet into you haha…

  14. rachel

    hi sharon,
    my names rachel and just stumbled upon this site.
    am intending to take a short break from worklife and stay in japan to learn japanese for couple of months. like yourself, am at the crossroads too . hah
    would most appreciate if you can provide me with some insight into
    how to get around and what to expect.
    thanks so much really

  15. Jamie

    Hi Sharon,

    You rent a room in japan to stay is it ? how much would it be if converted to sing dollar to rent a room in japan ?

  16. sachi

    no place’s better than home eh =D
    enjoy ur stay! n eat more! hahaha u look sorta skinny ine first pic =X

  17. lui

    d more i see u …d more i feel tat u looks like japanese gal 🙂
    u know so many language..can i know how u learn it? as currently i also learning japanese, i feel tat is not easy to learn new language. hope i can pass d level 2 tis yr.

  18. Olive

    WELCOME BACK TO SINAGPORE 🙂 Hope u enjoy yr holiday 🙂

  19. Olive

    ha… xu zheng rong chu mine ni 🙂

  20. cyeung

    hi sharon, when u will finish your study in Japan? i like to see u in TV again….

  21. jade

    hi sharon
    so how long will you be here in singapore?

  22. mk

    hey sharon,
    looks like many saw dasmond’s blog tt you’re back in sg.. haha. make good use of time here! must have missed home ya? =) take great care!

  23. realidunno

    Juz like to share wif all of u abt the impression Sharon gaf me… saw her once few yrs back… my mum approached her to say hello… Sharon was very nice… had a brief chat wif my mum… n told my mum to take care oso… no airs n nt arrogant… made me like her even more n until now… miss u Sharon…

  24. Steelkokoro

    Ahora aprendiendo español yo solo!

  25. Rachel, the trick is NOT to expect anything. Just go and let Tokyo take u by surprise..getting around is easy, trains are very convenient and the transport system is efficient and punctual. No fears. No worries. Just seek yr dreams and live life ok?

    Jamie, rent in Tokyo can be as cheap as $1000 to $3500 and above per mth it all depends on location and size=)

    Lui, good luck for level 2 exam..PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE..no way out..

    Hey realidunno, send my regards to yr mum!!!!

    Steelkokoro, tienes que estudiar mucho mucho!!!! Jia you jia you!!

  26. realidunno

    Hi Sharon, im back… juz to let u noe tt i have told my mum abt ur regards… she is so hapi n oso surprised tt i can actuali get to “talk” to u… asks abt u such as when u wil b back & when u wil complete ur studies etc lol… muz take gd care of urself 🙂

  27. pnelope

    hi sharon,

    are you really back in s’pore? anyway, if you are, have a good break here. home is still the best right? XD

  28. lui

    thk u for your reply Sharon..hope can pass 🙂
    d transport in tokyo is convenient…but i ever loss my way, i been there in yr 2002 and i remember d train never stop for every station, lucky tat time got d other one friend accompany..if not one gal alone like a bit dangerous huh..

  29. 知名不具


  30. yating

    哈囉 菁仙
    看了之後 食慾大增
    還有電影I DO I DO (愛都愛都)
    還有在跑吧孩子 你演舞蹈老師
    特別是看到孰識的人物 像是菁仙啊 國煌 振宇等…
    還邊看邊笑 加油啊 菁仙

  31. jingyi

    all the best sharon! =)

  32. Mic

    Hi sharon,
    I’ve not seen u on TV for a very long time already!!!
    I prefer u hosting tv shows to be honest =)

    Best wishes to ur studies.

  33. priska

    happy spain vacation.
    all the best for your best days.
    nice to know you.

  34. Hi Sharon,
    Welcome home 🙂 You look very happy and geiki on pictures now, have fun and enjoy studies. You do not know me, but I know you by watching your show, just like a old friend, long time no see…cheers 🙂

  35. hello sharon!
    welcome back! and when are you going back to the media? miss your laugh leh…

  36. Ah Ma

    Sharon, read Desmond’s blog and saw that you’re back to sg for holiday. Do enjoy ur stay in sg.. guess u sure missed everything in Sg, Family, Frens and Fans..

    AhMa is very tied up by studies and work.. hencem did not read ur blog.. hehe.. paiseh..

    Enjoy ur stay and take care.. Miss Ya Muchie..

  37. Yi Chao

    Fondue de chocolate..omg! tts enjoying life! haha!
    aiyo…back in sg din tell me…LOL! i was so excited when i heard the info…haha
    how i wish can see u on streets someday….haha!
    enjoy ur hol in sg wor! =)

  38. jason

    trying to show off…

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