Notre Dame.


I left my heart in Paris.

Someday i will be back.

2 people met. And fell in love. But to test fate, they decided to go separate ways and if they were truly meant to be, they will fall in love again.

So they walked away, from each other.

What they didn’t know is, they have met before. And that was exactly what they had decided to do—-to challenge destiny. They had walked away before and now they have met again.

They didn’t know.
So they walked away. Once again.
And now they will never meet. Ever.’s all about timing. Isn’t it.

36 thoughts on “Notre Dame.

  1. yeap, totally agreed!
    ppl like to say’ meet a right person at the right timing and right place'( and at the right feeling)



  2. Sometimes, being alone is great! Cus you had no idea what destiny will be like for everybody? For you, Its great travelling the few places in the world and you shared them with us. Its a pleasure reading it n becus you will come back soon and you have blog with us. Come back soon, Negi.

    Elvanescene 🙂

  3. SOUND SAD 🙂


    不愿天长地久,直在乎拥有过。。。 。。 。。 在心房深处… …

  4. はじめまして、ブログを拝見させて頂きます。
    Mont-Saint-Michel を会いに行って、夢を叶えました!すばらし教会でした!
    もちろんNotre Dameにも恋した!
    你愛過嗎? of coz i have! I fall in love wif a japanese guy recently, why didnt i met any1 for the past 5yrs while in JP? If only i would choose to stay in tokyo for another few yrs, i would not have met him here!
    ((But to test fate, they decided to go separate ways and if they were truly meant to be, they will fall in love again.))

    I really like this phrase! How i wish i can throw everything away and start a new life in SG. But though fate bring us to meet, and things are not going smoothly at all..what can i do?
    Just hoping for a merrier return. Pray …OM~

  5. ya agree timing is important… sharon, when wil u b back in sg for holiday? wonder if i will b lucky enough to catch a glance of u on sg streets? lol

  6. 已经不记得是从什么时候开始阅读你的 blog,只记得当时心情好’down’,工作及那模糊不清的男女关系,把我搞得快要崩溃。
    不知怎的看见你所留下的 blog,渐渐的像中了‘咖啡瘾’似的,天天都在期待你上载最新的 blog.

    还记得,我表妹曾经对我说: 你很像欧菁仙咧(当然不是外表,因为我的皮肤没你那么白,hehe),你们的pattern 很像( 因为当时你主持的节目都很 三八 ,搞笑)。


    好羡慕你能到日本留学,我现在也正在努力温习我的日语,这个December 要考 JLPT4,hehe..the basic level.
    Lets move towards for our bright future, がんばつて ください

  7. erm… I agree that fate brings two person together. But after that I think it’s a matter of weather the two person make an effort to keep in contact and stay together.

    I think it’s dame stupid to think that to go separate ways and if they were truly meant to be, they will fall in love again. It’s just an excuse that sound very nice for the woman to ask the man to go away and don’t waste my time.

  8. went to Paris few years ago but due to time constraint unable to visit Notre Dame. This time, I will be backpacking to UK and europe, this will be one of the “must-visit” attractions on the list. cheers. Btw, love reading ur bloggie and glad that you have great wealth of experiences to share. This means you are on the way to happiness 因为你已经尝了人生的酸、甜、苦、辣, 一切都看开了.

  9. there are bound to be hurts in love..
    cheer up.
    it’s just a vicious cycle.
    i mean even though love blossomed and leads to marriage.
    there are bound to be fights.
    if you realised by then that the other party is not suitable,
    you will be more hurt.

    so, take it from another perspective.
    it’s better to end it early then to drag on

    cheers =)

  10. Hi Sharon recently im keen in learning japanese
    but as there is a number of japanese language sch in singapore i gt no ideal which is good. any recommendation? Thanks.

  11. back to japan huh? sad or glad? this is the first time i saw your blog, i thought it’s really nice, perhaps i will become your faithful blog follower~ Waseda must be good huh? i want to study there someday, get a scholarship or something. Love is always good, it’s like drug, hurt you or inject life into you, right?

  12. Gis, I don’t know much about Japanese schools in Singapore, i’m so sorry…Enfeeeeeeee, if you do can you help out here!!!!???=)

    Keropi, these pics were taken with my handphone..cos i lost my camera first day in Spain!!!

    Jade, there’s only one. my first love in HCJC.

  13. hi sharon! we’re really so pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon yr blog. We are truely truely your number 1 fans and have always found yr jokes very entertaining. You are very charismatic and have a unique persona on tv.

    Will be reading more of yr posts to understand you more =)

    God bless and hope you will be happy in whatever you do.

  14. I passed my JLPT4 in 2001. Forgot almost 80% what I have learned. Sharon, you are so smart and talented in learning language, could you give us some tips on mastering Jap. I have difficulties in master English too. I am Chinese educated. 40 this year. oh my god, I do not like this number.

  15. yo shaz! so long i din post here…haha
    about love…juz leave it to fate…at least u experience it…hm…
    anyway, can add me on msn? =)

  16. Hi Sharon,

    Gee, I’m having mixed feelings in posting a msg because I’m not sure if you remember me? How have you been, are you in Japan?


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