好朋友的email, 你們留下的messages, 足夠讓我快樂。




53 thoughts on “無慾無求。

  1. Hi.im from singapore.It’s been so long since i last see u host on TV. Miss u lots=)Japan has always been mine dream country? so is everything going on smoothly for u? i Hope so! Stay cheerful n hope to see u real soon! ALL THE BEST^ ^

  2. hm…the scenary is great…no tall buildings…shld hav more trees…haha…

    oh ya…red wine is gd for health…haha! must drink more! n red tomato is gd too! =D

    and yesterday got dedicate song for u on 933! yea! n they played shu guang…nice~

    take care!

  3. Hi sharon, quite nostalgic abt ur hosting on tv, hope u can come back again… hehe. I love those pics in ur blog, 好羡慕你哦, I wish i can travel & learn like u someday. I always look forward to this kind of life learning experience. (^_^)

  4. Yap i also love life and treasure them.
    Positive thinking will always keep you going…
    Enjoy your school life now as not everyone has that opportunity and determination to put down everything and head for upgrading themselves.
    Wish you all the best

  5. Hi Sharon!! Still remember me? Im Xiao Long aka Bruce Li from Happy Ghost Musical. Stumbled upon your blog and am quite impressed at the way you are handling changes in your life and also quite jealous that you are so lucky to be able to experience what you are experiencing now!! Me joined SIA shortly after that time and just left the company last month. haha Back to performing for now. Anyway wish you all the best and JIA YOU!


  6. Yo ho.. be careful not to gain weight having so much cakes for dessert hor..
    I really miss Europe loh been there last year for tour.. dun want to come back to Singapore some more…
    Do take more nice pics of Spain as where are the nicest places to go loh..
    is the transport cheap there if I go for free and easy leh..

  7. indeed it is great to be alive, but also so much more to be happy and alive at the same time. i’m amazed at the way you look at your life and is contented with all that you have and all that you see now. believe in life, believe in love, have faith and i’m sure you’ll do just a great job.

    count your blessings and you’ll be amazed with what you have now.

  8. 时常上来,没有留言… 但今天突破了以往的惯例…
    最近生活让我窒息… 喘不过来… 每人能倾诉…

  9. いいな~

  10. Hi Sharon, you look really good !
    Look much better than the days with TCS ( there were times when you looked so shagged on TV )
    I bet you must be enjoying your life to the bits now. Envy yet happy for you 🙂

  11. Sharon sux!Don ever come back from sin!We e sin do not wan to see u..Ur hosting doesn’t have any class.E other host r muz better den u..It is good to hear that u quit medicrop.Srum off.Sharon

  12. 好羡慕你哦!
    but it’s all for a better future!
    stay happy! =)

  13. 小仙仙,看到你过的生活真的是羡慕到~~!当然有苦你自己知,但是我还是羡慕的咯!有机会的话,我这个老安娣也想好好游个学,放个悠长假期,享受当学生的苦乐!期盼你九月能碰面咯~!保重!

  14. hello Sharon.. wow. you’ve been to countries that most people would want to go. does learning languages hard? cause i learnt japanese for 1 year i still cant read or even write them well. but you could type them very well. haha. i hope to travel around the world like you.. and spanish is one of the language i would love to learn. i’m so jealous of you. haha! well, wish you all the best, take good care of yourself. 😀

  15. HAI HAI AW,
    您晓得吗, 新加坡娱乐圈再也找不到一个女主持人能让我笑到那么开怀了。

  16. Lawrence, it’s been 4 years since 開心鬼音樂劇!!
    How have u been!
    I visited your website and you are looking better than ever!!
    You must jia you too..


  17. Happened to chance upon your blog by accident. Am glad to “know” you through your journey via reading your blog. =)
    Am happy that you’ve been able to get away from the busy worklife and enjoy being you, enjoying the peace and doing things that you want to, finally..
    It has always been my dream to get away from life in Singapore and experience ” life” outside of this small little dot but have not had the courage to do so.. and with time, I can’t do so with committments. As such, I enjoy reading your blog and living my dream through you.. Go girl!!

  18. hehe I’m good! I joined SQ for about 2 years and just left. Now am back to performin. hehe When are you coming back? Singapore misses you. BUT, no hurry… take your time to learn as much as you can. 🙂

  19. Saw u today at Mellben Seafood AMK with ur friends(i supposed). Coming back to SG for a break? Actually i would want to approach you whether can take a photo but… i would respect ur privacy.

  20. 你好啊!真羡慕你,能够出国读书。希望有一天我也能像你一样,有这么一个机会!在Borders看见你,如果有看到什么好书可别忘了介绍哦!Take care!

  21. hey sharon au are you the one acting with jack neo? if you are i got to tell i miss you a lot!~anyway do you have msn? if you have please add me at my email please!!

  22. OH DEAR! Sharon au! I miss your shows; CITY BEAT! Oh ya and ur 什么.. Shen4 me4. LOL 🙂

    when are you coming back to mediacorp, or probably singapore?

  23. 人生短短几十年, 要把握每一刻喔。虽然想看到你回银幕上,但更希望你过的充实,快乐。加油!


  24. seeing that no one circled out Yakubu’s post which made through Shaz’s spam filter, may i have the honour?

    “don ever come back from sin” – is grammatically wrong. it’s evident you’ve failed terribly not only in moral ed class, but in English as well.

    and may i suggest you cut down on whatever dons you’ve been eating excessively?


  25. YAKUBU’s so evil!! 😦 oh wells! his post was evidently obscured by all the other posts tt are full of praises for Sharon =) Glad to see you’re enjoying life. enjoy the sun. seize e day!

  26. 谁人家里有小孩啊?有者就来做个实验吧。看看什么叫‘小孩子’脾气。。



    仙仙楼上的两位大人,就别和小孩一般见识了。。其实你们不知到,那‘小孩’比起我们任何一人都来得跟更喜欢仙仙的。。因为 仙仙 就是那‘小孩’的‘冰淇淋’。。是打从心里的喜爱的。。


  27. 我曾经在意大利受训而呆了半年。那种可以开拓视野的感觉是。。。世界真的很大。


  28. Hi little angel, envy u veri much. Watching ur repeat programme on TV “bu suo ni bu zi” miss u more. Well , wish u all the best and take good care of urself….

  29. 我不知道过于感性对于一个脆弱的灵魂是不是一件好的事情,也不知道是感性塑造了灵魂,还是摧毁了它原本应该保持的状态。我很感谢你的文字,我能体会到,因为我们的心很近。希望你一切都好!真的谢谢你!

  30. Hi..Sharon.I’m indonesian,this is my first time send comment to anyone and my english level not good as primary school child…if find any word funny dun’t laught ya..:D
    Hmmp…how have ya been lately…Wah..see ur photo at spain still mei2 as before going yaCh..and wonder u there is bright day or midnight nher ?? ^^
    how envious u can go which place na want to go and study some new langauge…there is one japanese song ‘sutekidane =>RIKKI’ i want to recomment to u.coz it’s make me touched before wonder u have heard before ya ? 😀
    hmmp..anyway have any msn, if have add me, k ? my email address Suriyanto_kho17@hotmail.com
    Stay happy always ^^

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