KNOWLEDGE, unlike life, is INFINITE.


My mind is all swarmed with Spanish, Japanese and English that i´m beginning to speak Mandarin like a toddler. Have been responsible for translating between my Taiwanese and European friends..can i just say that it is not as easy as i thought. Especially when both sides are debating about politics. I have to be careful NOT to translate the sarcasm, insinuation and innuendos to avoid aggravating the already intense arguments.  

But when one chinese gal asked my jewish classmate if he hates Hitler…..I FLED from the scene. HELP.

Can´t wait to blog in Mandarin again..can only do that when i´m back on my beloved laptop.

Jiang hua yu.

Yin wei wo men shi hua ren.


28 thoughts on “HUA REN HUA YU

  1. LOL! hahaha!

    wah…being a translator is not easy lo…
    but i guess as friends…hm…shldn’t be much a problem on debating bah? =D

    and hua wen rox! ^^

    haha…jia you, take care!

  2. HH, except that cats NYA in japanese. ^_^

    have been thinking a bit about languages recently myself. i love mandarin too, and i don’t want to lose that part of me… except that i dun really have the opportunity to speak in mandarin, other than to a lady from china. and i always stutter, trying to get the words out right. everybody here says it’s so nice to be bilingual…yah i guess, but i just wish i can feel more confident when i talk to native speakers. so i’ve decided to put in the effort to polish up the languages i know. it’s never to late to self-study and become better, no matter how old i am. 😉

  3. Not only mandarin but oso hokkian…hakkah…cantonese…bla bla bla dat we should learn some.. lol

    (PS:> Dear Sharon, Kindly login your photoblog and looking for something insides…Sorry if its come too late for you..)

  4. Hi sharon! I’m 18YO Singaporean going to Japan to study in a Language sku. Was wondering if you have any info about living in Tokyo and tips on schooling there? Would appreciate v v v v much!!!



  5. 加油。。。 。。。 很佩服你的勇气,如果是我真的很难取舍!!! 加油 新加坡的 fans waiting for u to come back “AH HAO” Jia YOU !!! and nw in singapore every Tuesday 6am repeat yr “知识王” … …

  6. and “才华出新秀” is back again , a lot of new hosts too , still “quan yi feng” and “guo liang” gt all the main show. , gt lott of update of information of “才华” and some other new variety show.” OR u can visit yi feng blog COOL:) Bryan Wong lu Jiang Blog:)
    (very new blog)very funny:)
    hope u dont mind hw come i so KPO but I think may be u concern abt wat “yr friends” been doing nw.”

  7. Hi Sharon, I need some help in recommended textbooks for JLPT 3. Wonder if could take some time out of your busy schedule to offer some advice on this. I have studied Japanese language many years ago up to JLPT 3 level (using Nihongo no Kiso) but did not sit for the exam. I am considering taking JLPT3 this year. A Japanese teacher told me that Minna no Nihongo is better but another teacher (more senior one) told me that Minna no Nihongo is a little bit outdated. So, I am confused.

    I will be doing self-study this time. I also plan to get the past-year paper for my revision.


  8. to jaymie, as a fellow ryuugakusei in tokyo, i recommend the following website Also, you can make a trip to the Japanese embassy in Singapore. There are many books in the library which will give you a better idea about education and life in Japan.

    and to qing, i took jlpt 3 about 4 years ago. speaking from experience, i didn’t prepare specifically for jlpt, i just learnt grammar from textbooks (used Bunka’s textbooks all the way) and that was sufficient. There are lots of resources online, for example or . But if you prefer studying from guidebooks I suggest you go down to Kinokuniya and spend some time checking out the different books they have.

    Ryuugakusei in Japan

  9. Thank you enfeeeee, my pal and partner in crime from Waseda. Who bought me my fav Krispy kreme doughnuts when i was mugging for exams and didnt wanna waste time eating so she went to queue for doughnuts and delivered to the library at 930pm where i was desperately reading my texts.

    She sent me off the day i left for Spain with a copy of the latest Harry Potter to accompany me thru my 16 hr -flight.

    She also mailed me another hilarious book and a box of Japanese goodies to my dormitory in Spain for my birthday cos she knew i would be alone. It was such a joy to open up a bulky parcel when u r so far away from home.

    And now she is replying my mails for me cos i´m feeling ill again..
    Arigatooooooo enfeeeeeee.

    Guys and gals..Will start replying when i´m well—

  10. Hi Sharon, thanks for your quick reply and I appreciate the two URL links for JLPT study. They are certainly very useful I have done some search before but did not come across them.

    Hope you will be well soon. おだいじに。

  11. wah! ur fren super nice!!!!
    i think she is becoming ur nanny liao..hahaha

    get well soon sharon! ^^
    n teacher’s day is coming soon…lol!

  12. hi,i think we should not regret what we choice in life, right? when will you back to singapore or will settle in japan?

  13. *Jaymie..just to add on to what enfee wrote..
    I brought quite a supply of my “fav” flu, fever and headache pills etc..lots of medications..cos personally, the Japanese meds take a looooooong time to work on me i dunno why…=)

    BUt most importantly come to tokyo with an open heart and open mind..cos u are in for some culture shock heeheee…

    *Qing…for me i did alot of assessment books to prepare for my JLPT.. i think just practise mucho mucho and get used to the format of the test. BUt aside from textbooks ( we used Minna no Nihongo too).i felt that my teacher played a huge part in preparing us for the paper..Im very lucky indeed.

    Good luck to you Jaymie, Qing and Toby.

  14. 小仙仙美女cum女侠!好久没这样叫你了 ^__^ 能够精通这么多种语言是一种开启知识之门的最好钥匙!继续加油咯~

  15. Thanks Sharon for your further advice. You have been most helpful!! So far, I have bought Minna no Nihongo’s 文型練習帳案and標準問題集 for self-practice and I plan to make a trip down to Kinokuniya again soon to check out past years papers etc.. Actually, I am now on a private one-to-one course at Bunka but I have not been very fortunate as far as teacher is concerned.
    BTW, Sharon, I also have a blog which I have just started last month. You may want to check it out when you have a bit of free time.
    Hope you are well now. Thanks again! :p

  16. Sharon, miss your performance in the TV show. Send me your adorable picts for me ok, as i really2 miss u. ^o^
    may kiam siap la,,, You must take care yach.

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