Ice cream time.


Summer time.

Time for ice cream. And a glass of sangría.

My Taiwanese friends Elvira, Baobei, Dona and I at Plaza Mayor.


Before our exam this coming Friday and next Monday arghhhhhhhhhh…





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26 responses to “Ice cream time.

  1. Janice

    Hi Sharon…Nw then I knw hw to rch yr blog…I wonder if u remember me…I met u around begining of Dec 2005 at Narita Airport…we took the same flight back to spore and I am with my family n my child took a photo with you in the aiport…may send you the photo…u may reply me thru the email

  2. ShuJuan

    Hi hi Sharon. ^^ Good luck for your exam. ^^

  3. Delphine

    ICE-CREAM!!! YUM YUM!!! Haha! Anyway all the best for ur exams k… Gambate! =)

  4. Sze

    Harlow Ms Sharon Au…..

    I really admire you for the diff languages that you know… Will you still be back to be the HOST?? Let us hear from you… May you have a great exam….

  5. jade

    what are your views on friendship, sharon?

  6. Doreamon

    Wow I see the ice cream I also want to eat but now midnight had to lose weight and go sleep soon…How come ur face look so tired and shagged leh..
    Compare to those pics u taken in japan totally looking different leh hope you can take care of urself hor..

  7. Sharon Au, when will u be cmin back to singapore…. really misses ur shows and alll…..

  8. sachi

    jiayous sharon! gambatte ne~!

  9. qianwei

    hey sharon, pls come back to singapore soon! really hope to see you. goodluck for ur upcoming exams and God bless you(:

  10. Jensen

    Hallo Sharon,

    wow thats some delicious ice cream! is their scoops really enormous, cos the ice cream seems to be falling rather than melting. hehe 😛

  11. eileen

    wow the ice cream looks really delicious! jia you for ur exams too!

    eileen =)

  12. rainbows

    Hello Sharon,

    Reali missed you v much! Missed ur voice,laughter,shows……Hope 2 c u back soon!
    Take care n all the best 4 ur coming exams!

  13. oh my goodness.. i chanced upon sharon au’s blog!!
    pls come back to singapore soon, i miss your nonsense on singapore tv!! U r so funny…
    i got a secret to tell you that i have never told anyone before because i think they will laugh their head off..
    hope to be able to share it with you someday.. hehe
    all the best in whatever you are doing now!

  14. Toby

    Hi, I understand you’re currently studying at Waseda SILS. I’m quite interested in their program. May I ask, what is the degree awarded upon completion and what job prospects does it offer? Thanks.

  15. enfee

    hey toby, a BA is awarded upon completion. As for job prospects, the first batch of SILS students are graduating next March and so far I heard their job-hunting has been pretty successful, in fact, better than other faculties at Waseda University. For more details, I suggest you email the school directly, though.

    And to donald, care.. to share the secret with all of us here?

    SILS student

  16. jasmine

    singapore miss you!
    yeah and i miss seeing u on tv too!
    do takecare of urself over there!

    jasmine, 17. =)

  17. Toby

    to enfee:
    Thanks for the reply. In your opinion, do you think it’s a ‘good’ degree in terms of a Singaporean perspective. It seems like ‘good’ degrees in a Singapore POV are business, engineering, lifesciences… So I’m quite concerned if I should take up a degree that is out of the norm, if you know what I mean.

  18. enfee

    hi toby, if you’re very concerned about taking a degree that’s out of the norm, i propose you go to NUS to do a safe degree like medicine or law or engineering 🙂

    a liberal arts degree isn’t out of the norm though 😛 colleges like williams/middlebury/amherst in the states are all famous liberal arts colleges..just my two cents worth..

    if you don’t mind me asking, are you currently a JC student?

  19. YiChao

    haha…the ice cream looks delicioso…
    so big scoop summore…muahaha!

    have fun n take care! =D

  20. Toby

    Hi enfee, I’m a poly student actually and since I’m not at the top of my cohort it’s difficult for me to get accepted into a local Uni.

    Anyway, I’ve just dicussed with my parents and they’ve given the go-ahead for SILS. Could you advice on how I should go about with regards to applications / qualitfications etc.?

  21. Sharon getting prettier each time i see you in the photos. 😀
    Oh, and i wanna try tat ice-cream too.
    It looks yuuummmmmyyyyy… hahax..

  22. enfee

    To toby, i know of someone from poly who tried to apply to SILS but complained that it was difficult to get in. It might be because SILS requires applicants to have some form of high school certification like IB or the GCE ‘A’ Levels. All Singaporeans here graduated from JCs so there might be some truth to that. However, I suggest you email the school admin at to verify.

  23. Toby

    Thank you for your help. I’ll contact the school for more information.

  24. Good luck with the application Toby…and also do research on other universities as well with regards to their curriculum and choose the one that suits u the most..

    I think you have to start applying for SILS soon if u are interested…cos i think september is the deadline for the first AO admission, no??? Do check with the school ok?

  25. Zee

    Hokkaido ice cream is available in Singapore ! Try it when u are back here!

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