Me gustas tú.

Very delighted to read all your well-wishes..
Thank YOUUUUUUUUUUU so very much.

Aquellas palabras me llegaron al corazón. Te lo digo de todo corazón.


Europe has overwhelmed me with emancipation and release that i´ve not experienced in a remotely long time. Or ever.

Dance …
and DREAM.

Free ourselves from the past, and do not repeat it with embellishments.Although there are things that cannot be explained and will never be alright, and sorrows that can never be calmed.

Let´s just dance and dream, shall we?

Javier Marías once said that ” unhappiness is an invention”. I often repeat to myself, and these words hold true for misfortunes that come from inside not outside, and always assuming they are not misfortunes which are, objectively speaking, unavoidable, a catastrophe, an accident, a death, a defeat, a dismissal, a plague, a famine , or the vicious persecution of some blameless person, HISTORY is full of them, as is our own, by which i mean these unfinished times of ours  (there are even dismissals and defeats and deaths that are self-inflicted or deserved or indeed, invented).

Let us not let anything corrode our souls.

Dex ´s celebrated WORD


8 thoughts on “Me gustas tú.

  1. “unhappiness in an invention” …
    What does it means… Unhappiness always cling on me…
    Glad you leave a happy life…

  2. I actually have to read this entry a couple of times to attempt to understand your train of thoughts. Indeed, failure is when you stop trying. Life is like a roller coaster; stepping stones or stumbling blocks? It’s up to us to choose. (Not sure if i misinterpret you =p) How you embrace life really inspires me…

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