happy birthday.¡qué vida ésta!


Sure as stars return again after they merge in the light…

death is as great as life.

One more fabulous year ahead, sharon au.



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48 responses to “happy birthday.¡qué vida ésta!

  1. Doreamon

    祝我生日快乐!! I got saw him perform in singapore 2 years ago …so yan dao and I want to find someone that can play piano haha…
    He will be coming back to Singapore in 2008…to hold his concert either in Jan or Dec…

  2. PEILINGx~*

    生日快乐 =)


  3. weizhen

    happy birthday =) here’s wishing you all the best in whatever comes your way. seize e day!

  4. LiQing

    heya.. happy birthday to u.. hehe..

  5. courageousheart

    happy sweetest birthday to you!!!!

    hope you enjoy your day despite being alone in the faraway spain.
    just a few more weeks and you’ll be able to spend quality time with your mum and friends.
    embrace all the different encounters you meet in this journey called LIFE.

    take good care too.
    many lovessss!! 🙂

  6. luffy28

    Hi… Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Take care and God Bless!!!!

  7. Jane

    Dearest Sharon,

    Happy birthday! Have never forgotten your bithday all these while. I hope all is good for you.

  8. YiChao

    i may not be the 1st, but i can be to last…
    to wish u a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    hahaha!! yay! so happy on ur birthday…
    so hav u spent ur time well? hehex…
    how did u celebrate? =D
    all the best to u!!!

    nothing to giv u…juz giv u a kiss…*muacks*

    take care!!

  9. tanjoubi omedetou! may your wishes come true!

  10. eileen

    happy birthday sharon~!!! enjoy your big day in spain…study and play hard! jia you ah!

    eileen =D


  12. Hiroyuki



  13. phine

    heys sharon.
    happy birthday =))
    you are still remembered
    and will always be.

    mug hard
    and we’ll await for your return

  14. adele26

    It’s a special day for you and (i believe) your mum too! Wishing you a simple heartfelt birthday. May your wildest dreams come true! 生日快乐

  15. ew

    Happy Birthday! came across this site for the first time. you definately deserve more than you think. Whether is counts or not, I am so proud of you.
    Just always remember to live for the future and it will keep you going for the day.

  16. ew

    Happy Birthday! came across this site for the first time. you definately deserve more than you think. Whether it counts or not, I am so proud of you.
    Just always remember to live for the future and it will keep you going for the day.

  17. nicole

    haha i must say sorry..cos i forgotten ur birthday really really sorry. i only rmb it 2day as i see ur comment… i dunno if i am welcome 2 comment pls tell me if i am not welcome.
    last but not e least i wish u a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  18. Delphine

    HAPPY BDAE GAL! Hope u did have a great time over there! Take gd care ya! =)

  19. :)

    happy birthday to u.
    stay cute, we missed you

  20. HH

    MEOW MEOW! Many Happy returns Sharon! Spain looks wonderful 🙂 Enjoy your time there, I’m sure the next year will be fantastic for you too! Lots of hugs HH :*

  21. Troublesome


  22. chuukamanju

    a day late but happy birthday to you 🙂 i find that as i get older, i feel a little more settled and peaceful within. i hope it’s the same for you too. i’m sure it will be a fabulous year ahead. 🙂

    now im going back to hide in the air-con room. it’s 38 degrees here 😦

    take care!

  23. 생일축하합니다
    ¡feliz cumpleaños!

    haha… Happy Birthday…. i tmr 🙂

  24. sachi

    happy bdae sharon! haha so qiao mine was oso ytd! lucks wif life n jy!

  25. annieee

    Happie Birthday. =D

  26. fankeow

    Shaz, Happy Birthday. i’m sure you’ll look back and remember this particular birthday which you spent alone, away from home and friends and your loved ones. it’s melancholic, but trust me, you’ll look back at this day with fondness.

    we’ll merry make when you return, and very soon! =)) got some new places to bring you! and we can have champagne party at my place every night. *hic*

  27. ¡¡THANK YOU ..I had a great birthday indeed!!

    delphine,troublesome and 🙂
    chuukamanji, XIU, sachi (same birthday!!!???), annieee,



    ahma, Da-jie, elkegrocholl and rest of Germany


    tim (FANSWARA!!!!!!)

    and DANIEL, yesh PJ party and gastronomical tour in Singapore, I can´t wait..

  28. Jensen

    Happy Birthday! Sorry for the late birthday wishes. Hope you had a great day!

  29. melvin

    happy belated birthday sharon!

    may all your wishes come true! take much care 😀

  30. touch_vodka

    Hi, wish u happy birthday and may all ur wish come true.. take care

  31. enfee

    sharonita! was that picture taken at the chapel??

  32. lalaland

    i was looking through dasmond’s blog and i came across bryan’s blog. thought about those City Beat days…you, bryan, kym and lina.

  33. Ah Ma

    hey Hey Sharon,

    glad and happy to hear that you do have a enjoyable weekend.. Although, I’m not sure when is ur b’day but somehow or rather, had a feeling is 13th Aug cuz is someone dear to me too that i rem.. hehe..

    Take Care.. miss you so badly.. tot can hear you on air or see u in Aug.. Nevertheless, we (fans) will all be waiting for you returning. ^_*

    Ah Ma d( o^_*o )b

  34. jade

    happy birthday!
    hope you have a great time in spain
    wish you all the best
    – youth, freedom.. use it all!

  35. 生日快乐。 希望您的每个早晨都是冲满了温馨和幸福!!

  36. princess

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. Missing you and hope to see you again soon!

  37. LIfe is a tragedy to those who feel, and a comedy to those who think—-La bruyere

  38. happy birthday to you~ 学姐!(i am from 圣尼格拉 too, and i miss the days in that school. somehow or rather, now i start to appreciate the 小宝,大宝, took for granted the mirrors, the pianos everywhere etc)

    life is what you make the best out of, everyday! 🙂

  39. Cai Feng

    Hello Sharon,


    From Cai Feng…

  40. wenn

    happy belated birthday!!!
    hope all the best to YOU!!!

  41. Hi Sharon,
    happy belated birthday. hope you’re happy always.

    Greetings from your fellow Singaporean

  42. Cello

    ! ! ! ! 生日快乐 ! ! ! !
    !!Happy birthday!!

  43. selene

    hi sharon,
    we miss you very much…happy birthday and happy forever!

  44. YiChao

    wah!!! changed blogskin le…=D
    no wonder yesterday afternoon cant enter here…
    n i guess this skin load faster than the previous..hehex

  45. Hi,
    Happy belated birthday.
    And you look so pretty on the pics. 🙂

  46. I love reading your blog… and a tad envious of your life now..hahaah..

    isn’t it nice to be a student again …

    Happy belated birthday

  47. Yes..St.Nicholas Girls..the best 4 years of my life.

    Those mirrors ..Mrs Hwang always reminded us to check our decorum and so we faithfully glanced at our reflections whenever we came across one..every 5mins? Hhahaha
    And the pianos..where my best friend Shuzhen and I played a thousand songs..
    Spectators´´ stand..where we cheered till our faces turned blue..especially when BLUE HOUSE won!!

    SEC 1 & 2 JUstice..Sec 3 & 4 Faith..

    Nothin lasts forever..except in memories..

  48. Jackie Goh

    Happy Birthday Sharon. Another year has passed.take care. Cheers! Jackie

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