duende-an enchantment. Inspiration drawn from the emotion of the music and the dance.

I am so humbled by the whole flamenco experience. The sound of every step, the power in every turn, and the pain in the eyes..always the eyes..the look..that renders you breathless in awe.  

My 4th dance class today.

And i am in love.


23 thoughts on “Flamenco

  1. Bwahahahaha…..interesting to see you responding to your own post for a change. Ya, happy birthday to our homeland! ^_^;;

  2. Have been listening to Kit singing HOME on youtube..which is still my all time favourite NDP song.

    Can you hear my heart sing, Singapore?

    Have hosted NDP every year since 1998 till 2005..i miss the fireworks..the lights..the songs..our pledge, our anthem..our flag..

    Red and white.

    I miss home.

    “…this is home truly
    where i know i must be
    where my dreams wait for me
    where the river always flows
    this is home, SURELY
    as my senses tell me
    this is where i won´t be alone
    this is where i know it´s home

  3. Hi Sharon

    How long will be you staying in Spain?

    Yap…Yesterday was our 42th Singapore National Day…

    You really miss HOME…Do you log on to website to watch the national day performance?

    Take care…and enjoy your stay at Spain


  4. Yeah.. Home is my all time fav NDP sing too.. You will feel it even more homesick when you are overseas & listening to “Home”.
    Kit sang this year NDP theme song too.. Did you managed to catch NDP parade online? Kit is indeed my fav Singapore singer. =)
    Take care, Sharon! ^__^

  5. Hi Sharon,

    Have been reading your blog, but this is my first time writing a ‘comment’. I missed you hosting the NDP. It wasn’t the same without you. Just want to tell you that you are so talented! How come u can master so many languages so effortlessly and it takes so much effort for me to just master two?

    Hope you will be coming back to Singapore soon! I miss you!

  6. this year “will you” song is not bad….quite high kind…

    but HOME is still me fav too!!! it’s super nice n touching…i wished i could sing loudly with a whole grp of pple….haha

    haha….i see the pic above…can imagine u dancing tt…wooots! =P

  7. I’m missed your shows although not a great fan of yours. Hope you missed us like how we’ve missed you. 😀 GOD BLESS!

  8. yo ho ur side cannot watch Jay Chou movie Secret hor.. very nice leh..
    the movie is nice, romantic and funny…
    But after watching hor had to keep it a secret hor haha..

  9. Hi, I’m someone who is currently going through a rough patch in life. But reading your blog always energises me because you embraces life so much. I’ve always feared the uncertain but seeing how you venture out to pursue your dreams is very inspiring. I hope you will always be you. Thanks..

  10. Hi Sharon,

    Ah Ma here.. hw u over tere? drink more water and keep warm ya..

    August le leh.. you coming back to SG? If i rem clearly.. u mentioned u will be back to sg in Aug right?

    really hope to hear you either on air or on tv..
    miss you much..

    take care ya.. ^_*

    Ah Ma. d( o^_*o )b

  11. Oh, by the way, I forgot to introduce myself. I am a professional wedding photographer based in Shanghai. I found your blog accidentally while I was searching for a HK wedding site (www.sharonauwedding.com). Anyway….

  12. No no not a professional photographer..i didn´t take this pic i actually downloaded it from the net. This photo projects so much passion and i loved it!!

    gemz, hang in there..time heals all wounds..there´s no other way but to wait it out. But it´s tough..i know.
    And have faith..that it can only get better from here..

  13. hi it’s first time to visit your blog. I just found from searching”singapore flamenco”.
    currently, i live in s’pore and practicing flamenco.
    Next month, Jose Galvan will come for cursillo. And Maria Pages comes for performance”Sevilla”!!!!!!

    Are you Singaporean? I’m Japanese.

  14. seems you’re a passionate person. trust you will make a great dancer. at least a good writer/blogger at the moment (though I don’t understand Japaneses and Spanish.) keep the fire.

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