Salamanca day 6.

Attended Sunday Mass yesterday. Was dying of thirst and searching for any supermercado that is opened on sundays. Ended up walking right into a cathedral, where the heavenly voice of a nun singing a hymn pulled me deeper and deeper into the heart of the aisle.

And so I sat. Knelt. And prayed.

Silent tears streamed down my cheeks. Memories of Sept 22nd 2001, 13th august 2002, 11th Sept 2002 overwhelmed me as vividly as if i had travelled back in time. .

C’est la vie, my child..c´est la vie..

The miracle of life. Happens when you least expected it. Isn´t it?

Heartwarming messages on my blog that i´ve been reading over and over heart is filled with gratitude.

On a tranquil night like this, i can´t help but feel that i am indeed blessed.

We lose some we gain some.

Some heartaches last forever, but so be it. I´ve always observed Life as a tragic joke so why don´t we just have a good laugh and get over it. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, aye?

As I sat in Plaza Mayor, basking in the warmth of the summer´s breeze, I cannot imagine going back to my old life-style, it seems so transient so fleeting so ephemeral. We have grown out of it and moved on. Haven´t we?

The music of the accordion filled the air with a glimpse of inner desires and longing. Woodrow Wilson once said,”we grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers”.

The search continues..
for truth, for love, for light.

18 thoughts on “transcéndence.

  1. Always have been a silent reader of your blog yet this time felt complied to leave a comment. Words evade me now but I just wanna say how much of an inspiration you have been.

  2. via veritas vita.

    no matter which corner of the world u’re at, theres alwiz a bunch of us caring for you.

    take care!! =)

  3. dear girl, life is simply a rollercoaster ride isnt it? it’s full of ups and downs and we dont know what’s going to happen next. but remember, God is always there for us. he planned our life way before we were born, every tear we shed aches his heart. i strongly believes that everything we’ve gone through plays a part in moulding our character into becoming someone God wants us to be.

    though i dont know what happened to you and i never tried leaving any further from my loved ones, but i know that feeling wont be any better. trust your judgment, trust your feelings, trust your heart. you are here for a reason, you are feeling what you are for a reason. you are loved, because of who you are, by your mum, your friends and us =))

    take good care.
    love =))

  4. 悸動總悄悄的來臨﹐爭分奪秒的過日子﹐就那麼一刻﹐被無以名狀的元素觸動了心緒。我想也唯有這樣的時刻﹐才會猛然想起一路走來的得失。

  5. hey sharon, take good care of yourself… you know you have a lot of friends and fans here waiting for you!

    anyway, before i go to work on some mornings (i can’t remember which days, because mornings are a blur to me) i get to watch you on “Bu Shuo Ni Bu Zhi”… quite funny! 😀 cheers me up to see you on the screen…

  6. hello girl.. your words never fail to make me think abt life over again. the many things that caught me in dilemmas once too often somehow put me to shame.

    hope you’re feeling better already. must’ve been hard on you to be living alone, away from your comfort zone..but i guessed you’ve managed to cope.

    all the best in your studies yeah? take care of your health too ok?

    rem.. somewhere, somehow.. someone will see your tears and remember you. =)) lovelove..

  7. hey… been wondering what happened to u.. but whatever it may be, be strong and move on.. cause there are many out there who still cares and loves u… i.e. ur family, ur friends, ur fans and ME!!! hee.. so cheer up babe!! (“,)

  8. Dear Sharon

    Miss you a lot too!!:( Do let me know when you’ll be back to sin we must catch up!!!(Hope I’ll be in Sin by the time:() Take good care of yr self & enjoy!!! See ya! Love you!

  9. yar…not matter wat happens, life will still move on…
    bury those sadness into the ground, but remain those memories in mind…=)

    take care!

  10. Happy national day singapore..miss you lots..i will drink a toast to you after i finish my homework..

    Im singing outloud..”this is home..truly..where i know i must be..where my dreams wait for me..where the river slowly flows..
    this is HOME..surely..tis my senses tell me..this is where i won´t be alone….and this is where i know im HOME…

  11. Hi Sharon,

    I do agree with Phine, Yi Chao & all the wrtiers above (fans of urs), Buried the past, the pains n sadden issue and move on to the brighter future thats ahead of u. Living alone and out of comfort zone is never a good and easy, always rem tat ur mum, fans, frens are out tere waiting for u.. Proud of U..

    I’m kinda emo and sad by wad you wrote.. worried about u too.. but.. Let’s let go of the past. Ok?

    Ah Ma here have this quote, do rem this..


    You can email me to share.. provided you wan lor. =p

    I will post my email add if you post to ask for mine hor..

    Ah Ma d( o^_*o )b

  12. Hi, Sharon, I dropped by because of the name Sharon Au, the Sharon Au we all knew on screen. However, your entry touched a soft spot of mine. Suddenly, the Sharon Au on screen disappeared and a soulful writer Sharon appeared.

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