you gave me fever.

3rd morning in Salamanca.

615am, still dark, and im running a fever.

Argggghhhhh. typing with a cold towel on my head and round my neck..wishing my mum is here to make me some soup or birdsnest heeehee..fortunately she doesn´t read my blog..don´t want her to worry about me.

Changed to a new room yesterday, as this African guy has been knocking on my door in the middle of the night..i think he wanted to chat??So scary!!Told my teacher-in-charge and thus decided to move, hoping that he will get the message. BUT i still bump into him all the time cos he is afterall a fellow resident…¡qué mala suerte!

Will go down to cafeteria at 8am to grab orange juice, then a slow walk to school which is 8mins away, stopping by my favourite cafe for coffee and sweet brioche before strolling to my first class at the Facultad de Geografía E Historia.

It is very surreal walking from one class to another cos lessons are held in different buildings in the campus and all of them as ancient as you can imagine. 

I see tourists snapping photos and looking at us scurrying across the Plaza in envy.. they must be comtemplating on a back- to- school- life too, aye?

Anything is possible. Come come and seek your dreams

Live your life

and don´t let anyone tell you it is too late!!!


36 thoughts on “you gave me fever.

  1. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Keep those dreams going. 😉

    Also hope you got the African guy off your back. Hee.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Have a speedy recovery! Can i know when will you be graduate and come back to Singapore again?


  3. hello there!

    i enjoy reading your blog.
    it’s kinda cool being in such country!
    SPAIN! like waaaaaaa!
    i love those ancient buildings and stuff.
    but it seemed like i’ll never get to go to such places and live there for a while.
    it’s so much of a fantasy.

    make sure you post some pictures yea!
    looking forward to see them.


  4. Suzyyyyy, Im flying out of Madrid on el 30th de Agosto!!Can you come in August instead?? Is it a biz trip? and which part of España are you visiting? Can you bring me flu meds i´ve run out of it sob sob…

    LInda!!!Long time no see how is everything and how is xiaocai pls send my regards to him!Will email you when im feeling better,now im very groggy and cant´t wait to lie down so just a quick note first..

    Jasmine, pls dun make me think of graduation cos i enjoy STUDYing!!!!!
    ¡Me encanta estudiar!

  5. hey sharon,
    i’m so happy for u that u’re living the life u want to live!
    i’ll be flying to taipei alone to live there for a month, before heading for tokyo, because i also believe that one should always just GO FOR IT!
    and u’re right, it’s nv too late to fight for one’s dreams!

  6. get well soon wor!!! =)

    haha…u make tt African guy sound so funny n weird! hehex!!!

    studying in ancient buildings…isn’t tt cool?! sg dun hav those….haha…
    any of those buildings look like the ones in harry potter movies? LOL!

  7. Hi Sharon,

    This note is full of sunshine, To brighten up the day. May it make you feel much better.

    Have more rest, fruits & water.

    Warm Regards,

  8. Hey hi. I shall not comment much about your life in blog. Surely interesting & fun & make alot of us green with envy. But do please be careful regarding that african guy. Buy some peppermint spray to protect yourself.haha. Just a suggestion, no harm buying. You have no idea how this dangerous guy can behave in front of you? Sg is a safe place yet there is still several case of sexual harrassment not alone other countries. Beside, right now you are all alone, without family. So protect yourself! And take care!

  9. Wanna say thank you to all of you, i was re-reading the comments of the entry EXAM OVER SPAIN HERE I COME! Thank you for all the birthday wishes..yah it is in 10days excited about it!I should be well enough by then to buy myself a huge chocolate cake!!!!and sing myself a birthday song!!!

    Kent, of course we can be friends, feel free to drop me a note anytime..

    Delphine, i will be here for a month..then i will fly back to SINgapore to spend time with my mum.

    JP, yah i should get some sort of spray or weapon!!U r right..

    Zeey, thx for the sunshine!!

    Yichao, i wish i have a wand too, the Elderly Wand muahahahha…have been reading the latest Harry Potter in bed while nursing my flu.

  10. ¡Muchas gracias queridos mis amigos!

    Thank you for yr well wishes!!
    Drinking honey water to soothe my feeling much better already..

  11. haha…y u say sing happy birthday song to urself…those frenz in jap din go to spain with u meh? hehex
    and we can start counting down to ur birthday le….wahahaha

    weee~finally u’ll be coming back in 1month time…=D

  12. hey,

    现在channel 8在播你客串演出的

  13. O I had watching the movie ‘跑吧,孩子’..I think you miss all the drama shows and movies that you had act in hor…
    Yah loh how come never think of becoming a teacher leh to teach the small kids leh very funny hor.. even you are fierce leh also very funny haha..How I wish I have a teacher look like you haha..
    I think all the guys leh surely will scold 100 marks!!!

  14. Yo ho sharon .. Hope that you are getting better from ur fever as I am also down with flu if still not getting better then take rest mc from tml one day work loh..
    I intend to go Spain this year but friends say next year then go hope you bring us many good and nice pics hor…

  15. haha! i juz watch the ‘跑吧,孩子’too! hehex!
    so funny as a teacher…hehex! i wish i’ve got teacher like u..muahaha

    anyway, may i know when exactly u’ll be coming back to sg? 1 month time is around when? coz i’ll be writing letter to 933 to dedicate song for u…lol

  16. yay glad to hear you are recuperating! and yeah i agree that studying is the best! hahaha enjoy your back-to-school life to the fullest~=D


  17. Hahahah I had a great time filming HomeRun, had to fly to KL twice to shoot those scenes i think it was christmas eve.. one of those memorable trips i did with my manager Florenz..

    1..2..3..4..Kick!! 2..2..3..4..Kick!!

  18. Not only 1..2..3..4..Kick!! 2..2..3..4..Kick!!
    There are a dancing scene loh that you had to shake ur buttock haha..
    before the kicking part loh and the poor sapan shoe leh fly to ur smooth face…I really admire the little gal that win the golden horse award she can cry like water tap anytime also can drop her tears!!!

  19. hello there!
    ah, sounds like Spain is really a great place to go! =] studying is always fun. i love being a student, like so carefree…

    i’ve been told bout “it’s too late” many times. it’s really scary. but i’m back training on what i really love. so, hope you too! =]

    continue to jiayou to ur arena!

  20. 嗨~希望你的病魔快快走!小蔡很好,他还在做摄影呢~!过去这三年我跟小蔡都有到东京去哦,但不知道你住哪里,要不然真的好想碰碰面呢~有空请email我吧!我会转告小蔡你的问候!保重啰~

  21. Hello Sharon,

    How are you feeling now? Better? Well, just wanna know when you coming back after your graduation so that we, the fans here can see you on TV again.

    I’ve watch the “HomeRun” also…. LOL…. your expression so cute and funny. Really miss you! Hope to see you back in Singapore again! Miss ya!


  22. Hi Sharon, ive been looking at ur blog and this is my first comment for ya.

    “Anything is possible. Come come and seek your dreams

    Live your life

    and don´t let anyone tell you it is too late!!!”

    I like this alot..tks for saying this out. I guess it brings courage to some people. =)

    Cheerz, Sharon!

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