First day at Hogwarts!!

¡¡Muy bien!! Was speechless when i saw la Universidad de Salamanca, truly gorgeous and magical just like Hogwarts.. es antigua y magnífica!

As we are here to soak in the culture and the language, no one wanna speak English to us so we are forced to speak very broken Spanish, with one hand clumsily checking out words on the digital dictionary hahaha TOTALLY hilarious!!


It´s a pity I can´t upload any photos with this computer…can´t wait to show off the city and its beauty!

My room is small but fully furnished, except for the lack of acondicionador, which can be deadly in this heat of 42degrees!! Fortunately it is very cool in the mornings and nights about 14 degress.. so i froze when i walked to school this morning at 8am..in my tube top n mini cardigan..TENGO FRIO!!!

Lessons start from 9am to 2pm, then we break for lunch, which is the biggest and most substantial meal in the entire day for espanoles. Afternoons are dedicated to culture-studies and i just signed up for Spanish Dance Class Curso de Danza Española WOO-HOO!!

In the evenings we will visit museums and cathedrals and conversation classes in la Plaza de Mayor.

I must figure out a way to post pictures arghhhhhh!!

That´s all for now mis amigos, hasta luego!

PS. Am using Spanish keyboard so sorry can´t write in Chinese..lo siento!


13 thoughts on “¡HOLA MIS AMIGOS!

  1. will hope to see those photos soon. meanwhile, continue to indulge in e beauty and snap more pretty photos and show us! enjoy and take care of yourself. =)

  2. i had the best time of my school life at summer school last june. seems like you’re really gonna enjoy yours too! seize e moment! =)

  3. oh my…
    its super cool..
    but just a random comment..
    please pray for the saftey of the remaining korean christians that have yet being released by the afghanistans.

    Have fun in Spain!

  4. Im 1st to comment this time… Haha! I feel so tempted to go there by the way u described it… And wow, u’re really multi-lingual now… Hehe! Take care ya and have fun! =)

  5. I really cun deny that Sharon you have a flair for language…conversant in Japanese and Spanish…Be my teacher ok?

  6. fue en Barcelona en enero a mayo esta ano para intercambio. me gusta espana mucho! espero que puedo volver a espana en 2008 para practicar mi espanol!

    it was the best time of my life! i’m missing it so much… i learnt a decent amount of spanish when i was there but i became ‘rusty’ after coming back to s’pore. 😦

    enjoy your time in salamander! and do visit other parts of spain while you’re there. barcelona, bilbao & san sebastian are must-sees. i never made it to andalucia though (sadly).


  7. glad to hear you’re having lots of fun sharon!! upload those photos soon yeah? and the spanish language sounds so cool! =D

  8. so cool so cool!!!! i wanna see the pics! muahaha! anyone flying on broomsticks? hehex!

    n the temperature there seems bad…hehex
    better take care lor…><

    spanish dance! weee~ cha cha cha….ops…different…haha!

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