Exams over! Spain here i come!!



This is where i’m going to be studying in AUGUST!!!

Summer school in Salamanca!!!!

Will be flying to the oldest university in the whole of Spain, University of Salamanca, for a month of intensive Spanish studies. Departing Tokyo tomorrow!!!

Yay! End of end-term exam and a whole month of Waseda summer’s overseas study- programme to look forward to in Espana!!!

!!vivir la vida al maximo!!

!!Live life to the fullest!!

Will be spending my birthday..probably in the library burying myself with books !! Look at the photo of the library above!!Isn’t it grand!!!!

Hahaahaha…my schoolmates didn’t nicknamed me LIBRARY QUEEN for nothing..

but…for once i can’t spend my birthDAY with my mum and beloved friends in Singapore.. !Lo siento mis amigos!

My life as a student in Spain ..dawn of a new light.. .

Will write again after i settle down in my dormitory..



27 thoughts on “Exams over! Spain here i come!!

  1. Hello Sharon,

    looks like i’m first to comment again? hopefully.. hehe.

    When is the exact date of your birthday? i’d like to send you an e-card for your birthday. Although you are not able to celebrate it in singapore with all your beloved and friends, but you still have us, your loyal supporters here. We’ll celebrate your special day with you! 😀

    Hmm.. National Day is coming really quickly in Singapore, and there has been a flurry of activities going on, especially the preparation for NDP. This time it will be at Marina Bay, on a floating platform! Don’t worry, you’ll not miss the celebration. Here’s the website for the celebration LIVE telecast. http://www.ndp.org.sg/infocomm/

    Hope you’ll have a great time in Spain! take care! All of us here miss you lots!


  2. hey
    are you 欧菁仙姐姐?
    really got a long long time no c u already
    so miss u~
    really like to c u acting!!!
    how ur study at japan?
    all the best thr?
    can make fren v u?
    hope u wil reply me la
    c ya

  3. wow!! thats so cool. flying to spain for spanish classes.

    its a relieve that ur end term exams are over. so enjoy urself for now and have fun in spain.

    take care too!! 🙂

  4. hmm i dont really like smap, but i see how they can stay popular after so long. ^^

    and sppaaaaiiin~~~!!!! that’s soooo niiice!!!! i want to go to spain too!! dont you feel like harry(or in this case hermione) in there? the buildings are sooo like harry potter stuff, alot of 古老的东西。好棒哦!!!!

    singapore is… waaay to.. 单调了。 even i hate to go to libraries, its so cold. would it be cold in teh library in spain? but its like sooo nice.. i think if i’m there, i would be in the library and any other nice old buildings frequently. 🙂 hope you can take more pics of the buildings and (maybe something like water fountains if they have, i always wanted to collect a photo of it hahaha) the library.

    or.. make a pic spam. XD

  5. WAH!图书馆好像HARRY POTTER 的学校匠!
    CITY HARVEST CHURCH子的朋友教我们的!唱法和生日快乐歌一样!

  6. hihi sharon…

    asK yOu ah..you been stUdying in Japan rite? Lets say if i need sum help in my japanese, will you be able to help me? keke..

  7. 哦!!



  8. Hi Sharon

    Come across your blog few days back.
    A pre-birthday wishes to U!
    U ain’t alone, just remember that you have all your friends and family remembering you and put you in the heart.

    And I hope you enjoy your 1 month stay in Spain!!

    Cheers! ^_^

  9. hello sharon,

    i came across your blog when i was reading director’s jack’s blog and he mentioned about you and someone kindly left the link..

    i almost forgot that you went overseas to study..how is everything?? must be scary going throught the earthquakes and all..

    anyway just wanna say that after reading jack neo’s and your blog..it brought back memories of how i used to grow up watching the shows hosted by you guys and i would still say that those were the best times!!!

    take care and come back soon!!


  10. yo! that really does look like a library outta Harry Potter! ‘grats on the exams. i thought your “should i do well” to Kenji was such an understatement. have fun in Spain and we’ll celebrate (exams and bday) when you return!!

  11. hahaha sharon you’re going to study in a library that looks straight out of a Harry Potter movie! so beautiful!

    take care in Spain! 😀

  12. hey Sharon!

    Spain! wow, it’ll b an incredible summer for u!! but muz drink lots and lots of water~!!

    Spain’s gonna b hotter once u get there! ^_~

    Odaiji ni!

  13. haha um HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!although i dunno when!?! when will u br coming back to singapore i really hope tat u can continue to host

  14. wah! din know u r a library queen..hehex!

    hows the real library tt u see now? those tall shelves…wah…how to take…the book will fly down using a wand meh…lol!
    i bet tt environment will be super cool n nice to study…^^

  15. Hi Sharon,

    Juz re-formatted my pc, so cant reali go to the previous blog you had before this blog.

    Anyway, been ages then i read ur posts. so still the same, i will be reading all your post in mone shot and posts all my wishes to u. ^_*

    You noe.. i was waiting for this month tat u r coming. nw that i’ve read u wrote u will be spendin ur b’day in Spin reali feel kinda sad..

    Nevertheless, I still will pray hard for u.


    I dont think I can email you as before cause don’t have the previous blog link. Anyway, u won’t be checking the blog liao right?

    Let’s gambatte!! If you do have any frenster do let me know can?

    Ah Ma d( o^_*o )b

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