My lovely Korean friends.


Business lecture . Pretty in pink.

Indepth cultural immersion. Getting to know so many international students, and sharing a song or two with them.






every second of it.

A korean friend was singing this song in class. Beautiful rendition of heartache and longing. It’s been my theme song for the past few days.

Bo go ship da….


20 thoughts on “My lovely Korean friends.

  1. Hello Sharon!

    Yay i’m the first to comment. Nice to know that you are getting on great. Hope you’ll come back to Singapore soon. Currently in the morning the morning before “zao an ni hao”, it is your show, “bu shuo ni bu zhi”. Really missed your shows a lot. Hope to watch you host again soon.
    Have a great time in Japan! =D


  2. O i had watch this korea sad drama show for many times…Even though I dun like the ending but I like the actor guy…he is so handsome and cry anytime like water tape…Go and watch it sharon very nice!!!

  3. sharon!! finally get to read your blog…really glad to see you doing so well over in japan. miss your funny hosting lots! i like the song too; the show is a very sad one.

    take care! =D


  4. 除了‘不说你不知’


  5. Hi,Sharon

    You was actig so well in Jack Neo’firm. I don’t understand why there were so many attacks on you in Singapore Chinses newsaper. Very strange???

    Hope to see you back soon.

  6. 你好, 我年尾要考日文二级了可是现在都七月了我还有很多不懂.你有么方法可一提供吗? 我想我会不及格…怎办??

  7. hi sharon!

    i love this show lots!!! super touching lor…
    esp the the main actor…acted so well…so touching…
    those heartbreaking scenes will make pple cry~~~

  8. O the ending is the female actress die loh after she been cured in her eyes but cancer still attack her…the guy play piano in the beach staring at the sky seem there is a stairway to Heaven!!!

  9. hello!!!
    the ending was that after the girl regained her eyesight, brain cancer struck her next. And this time round there is no hopw already. Thus she just have to wait and die. On her last few moments, the main actor, Kwon Sang Woo, brought her to the beach and they sat there together. Later on she died in his arms.

    This is a super sad drama. very typical kind of Kwave drama when it first hit singapore. Where the main actress always got struck by something bad. so ya, its a drama worth watching BUT get your packs of tissue ready!


  10. hi sharon! i am juz a sec sch kid taking jap in moelc.. juz wanted to ask how did you learn japanese? was it also from moelc or you went for private lessons? wat about jlpt? i juz finished lvl 4 last yr XD so noob..

    anyway this year during the june hols we were supposed to visit waseda! but due to the outbreak of measles they canceled it T.T. so sad. i would rly wish to study at waseda one day…
    like you.

  11. HI sharon!!!
    Miss your hosting V much! I still support you and regard you as the best host in my heart despite the temporary Halt in hosting in Singapore.. =)
    V glad that you are doing well in Japan. =)
    Take care and will be waiting for your return!
    cyaz.. stay happy!

  12. Hi Sharon

    The drama (Stairways to Heaven) was a great hit in Korea, Singapore, HK, Taiwan and Japan in 2004. The actor, Kwon Sang Woo, shot to fame then. The story is quite sad lah. Hope you have the chance to watch it.

    Of course, hope to see you back in Singapore soon.


  13. hey sorry for the late reply lui!! I was re reading comments and realised i have not answered yr question..
    Well what i did for Japanese proficiency test was bought and did quite a few assessment books to familarize myself with the gramatical rules and usage..It also helped that i was in Tokyo all through that period so I was able to practise my listening skills on a daily basis..most importantly do also practise reading and comprehension of passages too..
    lots of effort is required i please gambatte kudasai ne!!!

  14. HI sing..i am coping fine..
    very challenging phase of my life..i think tis the most exciting so that stretches my limits to infinity…hahahahaha

  15. Hi Sharon, came across the link to your blog from rong shao’s blog. Saw you name and suddenly 好怀念你, so thought of leaving a message here. Really missed your shows!!. Oh yah, forgot to intro myself. I’m adrian, the GA(games assistant) who helped out in 普威之夜 while you were still hosting with 陈大哥 before you left for Japan. Really missed those years when we were still working on that show. Can see that you are enjoying yourself quite a bit. So, wish you luck in everything and hoping u will be back to s’pore so we can all see u on screen again. Ganbatte ne!!!

  16. Think my vague introduction left u scratching your head, so I will do a more detailed one here, lol. U remember theres this young guy and girl who helps out in 普威之夜 almost every season? We basically do everything from ushering contestants, getting clothings from wardrobe, bringing contestants to make-up and most importantly puttig the correct 奖金 in the right 宝箱 etc. Ring a bell??

  17. Halo top variety host sweeheart,

    study study liao,
    play play liao,
    see see liao,
    hapy happy liao

    is time you bring all you learn back to local Singapore
    & shows all you have see & learn.

    Time for you to make us laugh once more……

    Please ,please liao

    Come back for good ………………cai xing

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