Just experienced an earthquake-magnitude of 5.

10:13 hr.

震度–5弱 .

Too sudden to run. Too inforeseen to react.

In that 60 seconds or what felt like forever, my body froze, but my mind was rapidly thinking of the life I would be leaving behind. And all my dearest ones.

All you could do was to hold onto something concrete..

and pray.

That occurred more than 30mins ago. But you never forget that surreal feeling of the earth shaking underneath your feet. This is not my first stumble with an earthquake, but this is clearly the strongest tremor so far for me.

All the questions that needed answers.

Will it stop? Is this the end?

God do you exist?

I’m alive.

And i’m gonna live it.

*UPdate= 10 deaths and 1070 injured so far in Niigata and Nagano

**LATEST== 1537hr-another series of aftershocks, magnitude of 6. 震度–6弱 .

So scary.. now do you appreciate living in Singapore ?

注: 谢谢大家的慰问。 很感激。。请阅读7月20日的entry.


43 thoughts on “earthquake

  1. Hi Sharon,
    nice to meet u Dir Jack Neo’s blog..How are u? Actually,we met in Mediacorp before.Hehe..Don know u still can remember or not?
    Miss u a lot.. cos long time nvr see u on TV

  2. Glad to hear that you are okay… yes, i went thru the emotions of “…the need to hold on something concreate”…

  3. aiyo!!! when i see the title i got a shock…luckily nothing happen to u…><”’

    and the aftershock is stronger than the actual one…=.=”’

    take care leh…=)

  4. hi Sharon,


  5. hey sharon!! thanks for leaving tag on my blog, good to hear from you! I wanna go tokyo too but my leave hasn’t been approved with drama after drama. How’s the studying coming along? Are u graduating soon?

  6. Hi Sharon

    Wow!! I actually didnt know u are TAT sharon, my ex-collegue from MCS!! , until i wen in to see yr blog!! Hahhahah!!!…..i must be damn blur lor!!

    Anyway, it’s really great we can get in touch here!!

    Hope u ok there now ……

    When u back, do ask ANdy to arrange a meet up lor . Then we can hv coffee n bread AT the cafe.

    stay cool….

  7. Hi Sharon

    Yesterday night i read the news…I think those japnese living near to the seaside or hill will be seriously injury if they don’t have the time to run..but i dun think they have the time to react what happening and run for their life…as most of them are elderly living at the age of 70 – 90+ yrs old.

    If i am not wrong taiwan, ever happen such casualties through the whole year( earthquake, fire, the building collapsed etc) causing alot of people injuries and death.

    Glad to hear you are alright…


  8. こんにちは, sharon。




  9. Hope that you are fine by now as Japan still having some earthquake hope that you are not affect loh..Singapore newspaper also got ur news loh as what you had type in ur blog loh…
    Do u feel that life is short when the thing happened?

  10. i thought you’re studying in tokyo waseda?? how come u’re at niigata!! SHOCKED… anyway singaporeans like us really lose out in such situations.. we’re really not been trained what to do in such disaster.. sad

  11. Hi Sharon

    Anyway earthquarke is something we can’t predict it…

    Now you can do is concentrate on your studies / examination. Besides that, must remember to run for your life if such thing like earthquarke happen.

    Take care…Also must remember to call your mum to inform you are alright…so that she can sleep well that night.


  12. Hi Sharon,

    Glad that you are okay. I thought I would probably never hear about you again but luckily through Patricia Mok’s blog, I found your link. Really missed what you had in Singapore. Really missed all of you! Well hope you’d come back soon. Really.


  13. hi sharon,



  14. Hi Sharon,

    I’m Danny Bunny’s friend and read from his blog about your first earthquake experience.

    I am happy to read that you are fine and one can always look back at this as a reality check of sorts. It can be a blessing in disguise to experience such moments because it does remind us to treasure what we have in life … and the most important things – our relationships.

    Through your experience, I am reminded of this and more. Take Care! 頑張ってね!

  15. I saw one newspaper reported about the japan earthquake.. plus your news good.. reporters also see your blog .. haha..

    Everybody is concern about you.. make sure you come back alive! Take Care!

  16. Hi Sharon,
    Hope you are enjoying your stint in Japan. Chanced upon your blog thru Andy Lee’s.
    Despite the typhoon and earthquake, still decided not to cancel my trip, so will arrive Tokyo this weekend and then go to Hokkaido.

  17. 阿好***
    TAKE CARE!!!

  18. hey sharon,
    全相宇 acted in Stairway to Heaven and recently Sad Love Story, which is what I’ve been watching, and bawling my eyes out! Korean dramas, as melodramatic as they might be are serious tear-jerkers man! Watch it! I’m totally in love with him after this show. haha..:)

  19. hey sharon, a fan of yours. please take care, and we really miss you. glad youre okay, and may the lord be with you.

  20. In the hours of distress and miser,the eyes of every mortal man turn to friendship;in the hour of gladness and conviviality ,what is our want?It is friendship.When the heart overflows with gratitude,or with any other sweet and sarced sentiment,what is the world to which it would give utterance?a friend.

  21. Hi Sharon,

    Hope you do still rem me.. was sick tats y didn’t managed to come online. Anyway, glad to hear that you’re safe and fine. was worry abt u. thank God for answering your prayer..

    All of us are worried abt u, esp ur dear & loves one. Guess ur mum sure anxious abt u when she saw the news.

    I shall end here. U take care.. Coming month is Aug, really look forward to hear from you and see you. Take care.

    Keep Warm too. Cheers, AhMa. 🙂

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