it’s another 11th.

一人ぼっち 誰もいない 私は愛の難破船。。

4 years..10 months..

やっぱり,みんな ひとり。

20 thoughts on “it’s another 11th.

  1. Nanpasen.Beautiful and emotional song by Akina!

    I love this song! She sang it with so much emotions and always love how her eyes moves whenever she sings this!

    Gambatte!! Which yummy Freshness burger you did eat today!?


  2. What does 11th July to you leh.. cannot be you are in Japan for 4 years and 10 months mah that is too long for you to stay there haha…

  3. “many many to you, best friend of mine.” is she singing about me? hahaha. sorry, bu yao lian again.

    thanks for spreading the good music of Akina Nakamori!

    aji – Nanpasen is a song about a sinking shipwreck which doubles up as an analogy for a love boat. one of Akina’s classic heartbreaking songs. timeless, even after a good 20 years can you imagine? she is always that emotional when singing the song live. see video for yourself.

    Doreamon (sic?) – i believe Shaz is counting down to the time she’ll graduate, no doubt with first class super honours. okay, she’s pressurised enough to keep at her excellent results, so i’d better keep mu trap shut!

    you’re not alone. you are Sharon Au.

  4. i’m here in japan too, much further up north though.

    really happy to find your website. i watched you on tv back in sg and always thought i could see that vulnerabilty in you, despite all the happy roles you took on.

    it’s true, we are all alone. no matter how many people surround us. and we can be lonely even if we have that someone by our sides. of course more so, if we don’t. for me, i feel nobody will ever complete me, the hole in my heart is solely mine. i stopped questioning about my destiny and just try to live for the day. i am not there yet, but it gives me peace.

    it’s not easy living in another country, and i think you are brave. all the steps in your life that is known to the public show that. you are quite wonderful sharon. thanks for blogging. i will keep reading.

  5. HI fankeow,
    Thks for telling me that Sharon course last for 4 years and ten months… that means she is going to be in Japan for 4 years and counting down to the no of days she is going to graduate…We have no doubts that she will not do well in her exam and studies as well as hosting and acting in SIngapore…
    TCS got repeat a drama show with sharon acting in the morning in this year May during weekday…You act together with chen hanwei dun recall the name of the drama show…

  6. why is our idol so serious?

    i am glad she’s grown up now and seems to take life with more than a pinch of salt. we should do the same. i guess “nanpasen” has survived the tragedies of days gone by…

  7. so glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself in spain! ^_^ i’m working up north in tohoku region. in a so-called city surrounded by mountains. compared to tokyo it’s totally inaka. hope the weather in spain is good, cos it’s burning up in japan >_< i’m going to a nearby island (sadogashima) the next weekend, hopefully it’s cooler there with all the sea breeze blowing.
    enjoy yourself to the fullest in spain!

    lil cat

  8. Have a good weekend at sadogashima lil cat!!

    Yes Spain is very sunny too but comfortable…not scorching hot but cooling..temperature here is very unpredictable though..

    ¡qué vida ésta!

  9. “The thing about addiction is it never ends well, because eventually whatever it is that was getting us high stops feeling good and starts to hurt. Still they say you dont kick the habit until you hit rock bottom, but how do you know when you are there? Because no matter how bad things get, sometimes, letting it go hurts even worse”
    -Dr. Meredith Grey (grey’s anatomy)

    Happy 5yrs 1 mth anniversary
    to us.

  10. Woah, you watch Grey’s! Yup, that’s addiction. And sometimes, even when you hit the rock bottom, it just doesn’t mean you can kick that habit as well.. Especially, especially.

    Take care.

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