And so it is…

In the movie Something's Gotta Give, my favourite actress Diane Keaton said to 
her daughter
You don't actually think that you
can outsmart getting hurt?
- Listen to me. 

You can't hide from love
for the rest of your life... 

...because maybe
it won't work out...
...maybe you'll become unglued?
It's just not a way to live.                            

I let someone in,
and I had the time of my life.     

And I say this... 

...from the deepest part
of my heart.
What are you waiting for?
awfully chocolate
Do you know what this is?
This is heartbroken.

17 thoughts on “And so it is…

  1. i guess the memories of this post is like the taste of that chocolate cake – bittersweet maybe?

    that someone must have meant dearly to you 2 years ago.

    stay strong, sharon.

  2. Far from home. Far from friends and loved ones. Facing a difficult course and exams. Life can be so overwhelming.
    But you will always have many hearts and souls praying for you and upholding your spirit with theirs.
    Take heart and let their love overcome your despair..

  3. It shouldn’t be heartbroken if the cake printed “I love you”.

    Don’t really get what you mean..

    But for one thing, the cake looks really appealing, you make it for yourself? or someone, from some where make it for you?

    Love chocolate so much.. hey don’t tempt me lar.. hahah.

  4. hey.. sharon-san

    juz like the quote u quoted.. keep the hope.. open ur palm~

    shiawase will find u one day, all u have to do is to wait with a sparkle of hope in ur heart~

    i’m doing that right now too~

    gambatte ne!

    ps: everything happens for a reason~ ^_~

  5. I had read in singapore newspaper that TCS had ask you to go back many times but you reject them many times also loh… how come never think of coming back leh..
    hear you are going to spain to learn spainish and ur boyfriend will be flying there to meet u there too wow so romantic…

  6. I think sharon is just reminiscing and whether she should give love another chance. sometimes when the previous relationship fails, its hard to wana try again after all that heartbreak. sometimes the future in ‘love’ seems so bleak but then again, i’m sure u’ll find someone deserving of you and what you’re worth. =) Take heart in that and never lose hope, sharon!

  7. Ahh..
    I wish i could speak and write fluently in Japanese. 😀
    Attended quite a few time Japanese class. But the teacher is not so good. >,

  8. We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us…

    Dun w0Rry , be HaPpY !

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