(clockwise) Shen Yue and Huichong …..Lynette next to her beau 來自上海的維忠 (aka イチュウさん) and Enhui。四位俏女生都是萊佛士初級學院的畢業生!






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11 responses to “STAND UP FOR SINGAPORE!

  1. fankeow

    he is so not supercute. ahem. you are! HAHAHA.

  2. Johnt

    It great to meet up with people from your own country when you are miles away from home. They bring a sense of comfort and joy. I am currently studying overseas too and i fully understand it!

    I have been following your blog for quite sometime le. haha, no, i’m not a stalker. I am just wondering how are you doing over there.

    Glad to see that it’s going well!

    Smile more! =)

  3. enfee

    was ichuu posing for that pic?? 😛

  4. いいね、日本で勉強しています。羨ましい!私も行きたい。日本で頑張ってくださいよ。何時シンガポールへ帰りますですか。

  5. yellowchrist

    haha…those from sg dun look like s’poreans wor…lol! except Lynette…haha

  6. negi

    Fankeow!! he is super cute and funny wait till u meet him and more importantly HE IS SUPER SMART!=)

  7. mel

    WHERE’S EUG AND ME *COUGH* we can be counted as sporean also LARHS. >D

  8. Jacqueline

    Glad to know tt you are fine over there……. All the Singaporeans miss you so much!!! 🙂

  9. jiajia33

    Hi Sharon

    Wow…all the four beauty from Raffles Junior College…they must be happy to see you studying at the same university with them. Studying with Singapore Superhost…


  10. wIlL


  11. negi

    come come join us in WASEDA!!!!

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