Arrival of the WORLD WIDE WEB and its potential for
UNREGULATED mass communication.

My internet advisor MR Daniel LIM BAN CHEW says:

Future of internet

There will be convergence of media brought about by improved technology, faster computer processors, 24/7 always-on and superfast global-wide wireless broadband.
We will no longer be desk-bound.
All (portable) devices will be able to tap onto the internet. even home appliances like ovens, fridges, TV, will tap into internet (eg: operating manuals, software/firmware updates, etc)
The internet will be the one-stop source for the latest breaking news (eg: Korean Shooter in Virginia Tech, news released faster than traditional media outlets like TV).
YouTube is just the tip of the iceberg of leveraging on the advantages of the internet. Soon we will be able to see global channels on-demand, without the need for satellite/cable.
Entertainment will basically undergo a radical change. Everything will be at reach, on demand. videos, movies, music, will all be available at our fingertips. We do not even need to go to the cinema to view the latest movie release for example.
More shopping will be done online, allowing for quirky, independent sellers to peddle their wares internationally, beyond a lil brick and mortar shop which is limited by geographical boundaries.
We will be able to connect to everyone, from anywhere. we will be able to track ourselves and our friends of their whereabouts. sort of a GPRS system.

Thank you Mr LIm!さすが コンピューター通です。
AND SO I THINK..that..
A socially powerful community.And soon every area of human endeavor will be dominated by the computer chip.



One thought on “ARE WE BEING WATCHED?

  1. Hi sharon。。這裡是租來的吧。。。從photo 看來,廷好的環近。sharon,一個人在外國讀書,很想聯家人吧。加油嘔。。

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