My Japanese friends.

Negi & Maggie
Negi & Maggie

Kei & Hiroshi
Kei & Hiroshi

We celebrated the 1st anniversary of our friendship tonight.

Maggie, Kei, Hiroshi and I.

Kei is a medical student from Tokyo University, now an intern in a hospital in Shinjuku. Hiroshi is from Keio Uni..currently doing his Master’s.

I was on the train one rainy day, crying, cos I was awfully homesick and the gal next to me passed me a packet of tissues.

Her name is Maggie.


6 thoughts on “My Japanese friends.

  1. Konnichiwa Sharon san! Juz happen to drop by your archived journals & found that you are doing well. It’s so wonderful to have such great friends to chill out with; especially when you are alone @overseas. Take care & looking forward to see new updates in your blog *v*

  2. hey there sharon!
    just a teenager from SG here.
    I’m glad that you’ve good friends in Jap.
    Makes me feel… 欣慰

    All the best in Japan! I love Nodame Cantabile, if you know what that is 🙂

  3. happy to hear tat u can adjust ur life at japan
    if i have the chance to persue my study there ,it might be a great fortune for me !
    happy study !!

  4. 良かったですね!

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