3-yrs old?
3-yrs old?

alma mater
alma mater

SILS Waseda.
SILS Waseda.

A new beginning.
A new beginning.

long ago when we were young and free
love happens easily
where dreams never die
like summer pretty songs
Now those days are gone.”





不問過去 不論年齡

everyone deserves a second chance




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12 responses to “CHANCE

  1. wIlL


  2. negi



    仍然有許多人生的surprises 等著我們



  3. Hi Sharon, I can’t quite read Chinese, let alone Japanese. But I like your quotes and short poems. Very refreshing.

    Study Hard. And say Annyong to those Lovely Korean friends. Oh…how I miss Seoul…..

  4. ANNYONG!!

    Indeed everyone deserves a 3rd 4th 5th long as we are willing to embrace CHANGE.

    Studying hard for exams now heehee..

  5. see_cloud

    Hi Sharon
    I stumbled upon your blog & was pleasantly surprised.Your words are refreshing & inspiring.I find myself hooked instantly:)
    Have bookmarked your url,will be visting regularly.

  6. kaimono888

    Never say too late to pursue your dream or anything. Even if you fail to realize but at least, you have tried and should also enjoy the experience or learning process. Gambatte ne!

  7. ” I will study and get ready.
    And perhaps my chance will come.”
    —Abraham Lincoln. (US 16th President)

  8. kaimono888

    Definitely will come & no worries:) I believe that you will have a very bright future ahead and make your mama proud…Enjoy & study hard…Cheerios *v*

  9. ritz

    dear sharon, just learnt about your blog. identify with this blog entry of chance very much. Likewise, i was also an ex St Nicks gal given a fresh breath of life to enter NUS, 12 years later than my peers. Its been one and half years since graduating. better late than never. Embrace life, have fun learning and discovering =)

  10. hihi…. although this entry is 2 years back… bet that you’ve had adapt well in your life in Japan… still wanna wish you all the best… 🙂 luv your acting as chen mei guang… and your way of hosting the TV shows… 😀 jiayou jiayou!!!!

  11. Peiling

    Hi Sharon,

    This is Peiling your Pri 2 & 3 classmate! I am glad to see you are doing well. I will definitely hope to see you on tv again.


    Luv, Peiling (Chong Shan Pri School)

  12. chiriko

    ty.. your post and actions inspired me… i’m a polytechnic grad. And after working for 3 years, i’m going back to university to study. it is action of further education inspired me to do the same as u.

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